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  1. It’s not like that anymore. Now the doctors are on the other side of the spectrum, and it’s hard to get pain medication even if you’re in extreme pain.

  2. Not really, they’re both pretty bad. There needs to be a middle ground. This wouldn’t really be an issue if I were in charge though, because all drugs would be legal and taxed, with all the tax money going to addiction treatment as well as making peoples live’s better so they don’t need to resort to drugs to escape their shitty life. Most recreational drugs users use responsibly.

  3. He walked, and she thought it was good to go after him for jets?

  4. War is probably Americas biggest source of income, thats why they're constantly starting new wars and perpetuating old ones.

  5. The plant isnt actually controlling the arm, the plant has no conciousness to apply control.

  6. The country isnt a country, it's a business and it's people are expendable assets.

  7. And the murder machines perks are just standard practice in most other countries

  8. The average american doesnt know this and probably wouldnt accept it if you told them.

  9. Oh hey you want basic human rights? You gotta join the military for that sorry bro

  10. You dont like our lack of human rights and delusions of superiority?

  11. This is going to get me a lot of downvotes but upvotes and dpwnvotes don't mean anything anyway so here it is:

  12. Even if that stupid child wouldnt have punched him in the nuts, how were they expecting to get that TV down from that height?

  13. The irony is that this actually says: allah doest exist.

  14. US person: Cities with train systems are so rare that you have to be from the fantasy world to get the train to school.

  15. And we're laughing back... with our guns!!

  16. Moronic things are always going to be criticised and your gun worship is absolutely moronic so try not to be surprised when people point it out.

  17. Big Pun was alwasy going to die of weight related illness, when he was rapping, it sounded like he was genuinely struggling to breathe.

  18. I can tell that they arent the real teletubbies... because they all have hammers in their hands... the real teletubbies dont use weapons, they are hand to hand specialists.

  19. Logically; the eversors would win, but judging from how a lot of 40k authors write about the primarchs (essentially gay erotica) they'd write that the primarchs would win easily... just because.

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