1. Буду кушать мандаринки и плакать в гордом одиночестве

  2. I’m using товарищ everywhere cause another words can’t describe my feelings about people.

  3. I don’t know but they’re showing themselves as clowns. I don’t live in US and I’ve never been there (still don’t want to), but, as I can see, they’re pretty bad at everything but trying to be the most (put here a right word). Start from “Who has visited the Moon first?” and ended with “a lil-circus-everyday show”.

  4. Нужно на госуслугах заявление подать, легчайшие +15 за пропаганду на враждебной платформе.

  5. Самое утомительное на реддите в сфере политики это то что здесь нельзя сказать ни слова против той херни что несут по CNN и BBC, мгновенно останешься без рейтинга и возможно даже в шадоубане.

  6. О да, я Вас прекрасно понимаю. Тоже раздражает эта духота пользователей, которые легко занижают рейтинги комментариев, если хоть одно слово неправильно скажешь.

  7. LMao. The original poster clearly depicts a German imperial soldier and a Nazi soldier (which they adore so much).

  8. Uhh okey… Firstly why the text is in ukraine language? Secondly, did Stalin really said this? Are you sure?

  9. Ahaha lmao! Thanks but I think it’s perfect just how it is already))) Thank you for your downrates, master-english-speaker-nerds)

  10. So he thinks that russian girls worse than Iranian or Kurdish and “they deserve him”. Cynically. Bruh.

  11. As a russian girl I’d say no. And btw no one of my girl comrades wouldn’t be interested. Why don’t you looking for girls in your country?

  12. I hate cucumber. Every time I’m pronouncing this it’s just… cUcUmber. Cause a lot of memes in my country I just cant say this word normally

  13. I hope they don’t sleep at night cause the picture of George Washington next to their window is really scary.

  14. Borders are closed, am I right? I mean, I thought it’s just illegal to travel to Russia now?

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