I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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  1. Somehow they made me really care about her in the few hours we had with her, really sad

  2. Because she was so eager and earnest. Hearing her heart break when you put down those whelps and then to have her die saving one lone egg. That is heart rending.

  3. "No..no Snuffems...stay outside. Daddy is busy. Snuffems put down that Vulpera. No don't throw them! Throwing a tantrum...really!?"

  4. “Guards! Arrest this… Handsome wizard.”

  5. So I remember hearing a story about how in the 80s Macho Man Randy savage got into a brawl at a Waffle House on Bell Road and had a police dog bite him...

  6. Glad I'm not the only one who pairs those boot models with everything. 10/10

  7. Gangly long misshapen limbs with hands tipped in razor sharp claws as long as butcher knives. Perpetually agape jaws with jagged daggers fangs slathered in feral drool as gleaming hungry eyes stare unblinking from the darkness. Uncanny mockeries of human and wolf.Much too one of the other to make sense and always , even when friendly, looking as if ready to swarm on you and rip you apart into a screaming gurgling death.

  8. inb4 Calia Menethil solves the issue by reviving forsaken with holy magic

  9. The relic is what's making V strong. Without it V would have gone cyberpsycho with all that Chrome.

  10. I play worgen because I desperately want Blizzard to make worgen kids for Children's week so I can guide around a Victorian chimney sweep werewolf version of Tiny Tim, who when he tries to howl keeps coughing "cause I've got da soot lung guv'na."

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