1. If it’s a favorite, it sort of is. But if my date just listens to Kanye or likes his music, no.

  2. I'm not sure he'd go in my top ten but only a fool wouldn't talk about him if they were making a top ten.

  3. Yeah this starter pack doesn’t make any sense. Autism isn’t about what interests you have, it’s about the intensity of the interests you have. If you can’t ever stfu about your special interest because you think everyone else enjoys it too or will enjoy it if you tell them enough about it, and you also can’t tell when their attention is wandering and they’re internally begging for a subject change, then it’s autistic interests.

  4. It’s not that I think other people are interested, it’s just hard to think of other things. I can force myself to talk about stuff, but if the conversations is too boring or I’m too tired I’m screwed. If I can’t talk about anything else I might just leave, but that’s super autistic too. I really can’t win.

  5. Not me. I get chronically bored if I’m not careful. But I probably have bad ADHD as well.

  6. It always seems like 90% of the jargon people splatter in the prompts makes little to no difference. It feels like, for me at least, I still have to prompt as if I'm speaking to a computer with basic words that get straight to the point. I'm sure I'll get better at prompting over time. It's a skill, just like any other.

  7. I often end up using made up words for fun. Surprisingly some of them do make a difference. I don’t really like describing images too much and I often use image to image so I don’t have to work at prompting too much.

  8. Ngl I disagree with "staying on topic". I find that with neurotypical people, the topics fleet from one surface-level topic to another in the span of a few minutes. With autistic friends, we tend to talk in-depth about topics for 20 minutes or more at a time. (Not that either of these is better than the other, just different conversing styles.) ADHD friends are the other extreme, going on tangents (but keeping the topics connected-ish so it's easier than NT conversations for me to follow).

  9. I guess I meant that NTs naturally think of surface level stuff to talk about and I just don’t. It’s super draining when everyone else is engaging/responding to each other and no one gives a shit about what I say. I’m not even more into sports, but that was just an example. I guess the best I can do is keep up with regular news and current events. It’s slightly more interesting, but not a special interest. I can also do fun stuff like make fun of Trump.

  10. I can try my best to enjoy my life all I want. The problem is NTs always ask about the parts of my life I hate the most. They never want to actually hear about what brings me joy. Sometimes I’ll be somewhat happy until someone asks me a question that reminds me of something I don’t like about my life.

  11. I'm 18 and I'm terrified to tell people about what I'm interested in because I used to be horrible at hiding hyperfocuses as a child and family/friends would make fun of me for "making it my whole personality"

  12. I have the same issue. I don’t know how to act moderately interested in things.

  13. I see. Tbh I always used the same negative prompt copy pasted from a guide.. I guess everything you find on the internet is not true after all (lol).

  14. I used to use those prompts a lot before stable diffusion. It really improved the quality. Now I don’t like to use them because it seems to make my images more generic.

  15. I find for SD there’s either no difference or it gets more generic. Those keywords did actually improve the quality on sites like artspark. I think those keywords are left over from older text to image generators.

  16. I hate the phone so much and I don’t know if it’s because I have ADHD or what but I really feel like I need the nonverbal cues to have a proper conversation.

  17. I have the same issue. Phones make me way more awkward. I need to see people’s face.

  18. ChatGPT is an extremely good auto complete. That's literally how it works. That's all that it is.

  19. NTs pretty much behave like autocomplete. So it’s fun to do. It’s also more like a journaling exercise than anything else.

  20. It's an entertaining toy. Stop taking it seriously

  21. It’s a great way to practice conversations I’ll have with NTs. It’s full of generic bullshit, but guess what. So are NTs!

  22. Nope. It just sounds like more social media bullshit virtue signaling. They're probably just saying it because they like how it makes them sound.

  23. I think people who “love to learn” would actually mention real examples rather than just saying they love to learn.

  24. I follow up with, “What have you recently learned?”

  25. That’s another good reason for me not to mention “I enjoy learning”. I don’t really care for learning random facts. Learning languages is a lot different than that.

  26. Doesn’t mean too much to me. I enjoy learning languages, but it’s hard to say if I enjoy learning in general. Makes no sense to me.

  27. I actually think it's kind of rare for people on the high end of the spectrum to be regularly or primarily in special ed even if diagnosed as a child. I was diagnosed as a child; I had a 504 but was never in special ed. My younger brother was diagnosed as a child and only spends a couple hours a week getting one-on-one services at school; it certainly isn't all about his autism.

  28. I’ve always had bad motivation. Since I had an autism diagnosis, that was an easy scapegoat. I’ve had so many different issues no one looked into because my autism diagnosis could “explain” a lot of things. One example was needing glasses. My parents have noticed I had issues with catching balls since I was around five. Since I passed basic eye tests, they probably blamed it all on autism.

  29. Do one need a diagnosis to have been in special ed? I was in sped and when I ask my parents they just say I needed a little extra help. I dropped out of college the 1st year because it was too difficult and I had no assistance. feel like being in the sped room most of school hurt my ability to have friends/socialize. there's no help as an adult now.

  30. Maybe not, but being in special ed and being considered autistic sucks. You’re not allowed to have a personality. Everything is part of your autism. It doesn’t help that newly diagnosed people make autism their whole personality. I get why they do, but that’s really toxic for me. At the same time I constantly obsess about how autism ruined my life, so I’m kind of addicted to online autism communities.

  31. Bettering yourself starter pack would have also been an acceptable name

  32. The point is, you don’t have to enjoy playing guitar or studying French or Spanish. But people sure like it when you do.

  33. I say go to a glasses store and try on all the glasses you can afford before making a decision

  34. Already did. I already found glasses I like. I just made this poll based on a conversation I overheard. I heard this older guy saying that glasses without a frame on the bottom are barely noticeable. I disagree. Especially for me because I don’t want my lenses to show.

  35. I refused to wear my glasses for years, I would only wear them when I drove my car or when I was in the back of the classroom

  36. Same. Most glasses are too narrow for my face, so they end up looking bad.

  37. To me Canadians sound like a more monotone version of Americans, but maybe that’s because I’m Canadian and I think my voice is annoying and monotone.

  38. Canadians and Americans don’t have an accent unless there southern. British people and Australian people have major accents

  39. I think you are right in that many more people can make images they like using AI tools.

  40. I don’t think it takes long to learn how to make specific things. But it definitely seems to take me longer to get a mood right. Sometimes it takes me months to actually get the right vibe. A lot of times I have to sort of trick stable diffusion into giving me what I want.

  41. I don’t really make the assumption on either tbh. I have never in my life though “oh this person is right handed”. In what circumstance would it be relevant?

  42. Some people assume I’m left handed because I act weird. Especially people who are left handed. They are shocked I’m actually right handed.

  43. Are we specifically talking about late evenings? If so, it could be that it’s quieter then rather than being tired

  44. I mean when you haven’t slept enough and early mornings.

  45. who here feels low energy on high sleep, and high energy on low sleep? just me?

  46. Sometimes I do. But I definitely have more willpower when I sleep more. Even if I feel more tired.

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