1. They COULD be yellow oysters or another pleurotus but I’m saying that with very low confidence

  2. First time outside eh? That be a skunk cabbage. You done not smell it?

  3. west coast and its perfect foraging conditions for morels here, at least the part um in

  4. Don't eat them are potentially ink caps,defiantly no cubisons

  5. he said in an earlier post he used Lysol, guarantee that's what caused this, the mutation probably won't carry over when they clone it.

  6. It might be Western Jack-O-Lantern (Omphalotus olivascens). Do you have a picture of the underside?

  7. Im not sure but my guess would be either omphalotus olearius or lactarius deliciosus

  8. i would say trametes versicolor but it gets a little tricky without photos of the underside

  9. starting from this species it should be easy to figure out for yourself from there, its fun, give it a shot!

  10. forgot this commercial was green lit. Thanks for the reminder of this monstrosity

  11. I'm not good at tooth fungi id, start your search from lions mane as that's my best guess.

  12. The temperature in your house stays around 50° Farenheit!!!??? Do you live in an igloo?

  13. Wow! That's chilly. But hey! Good for you, I'd be miserable. How are summers for you, being so used to cold temps anything in the 90's is probably horrible for you. How cold do you keep it in the summer? I'm guessing you live in a area of the world where temps remain low year round.

  14. Apparently non Americans really get grossed out when we dip our French fries in our chocolate shake.

  15. most people get the reference, but I haven't seen a single post involving anything cordyceps without people bringing it up. It gets a little annoying.

  16. It's great but their masterpiece is still Songs for the Deaf

  17. Am I the only qotsa fan that ranks sftd relatively low in their discography? It's fantastic but I've never really had that album hook me and pull me in.

  18. How long has the jar been fully colonized word on the street is that its best practice to give it about 5 days after the jar turns fully white before sending it.

  19. I've noticed that cubensis won't colonize vermiculite filters if you use those, so all white except for the filter if you use one.

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