1. I’m too dumb to follow this and have no constructive input besides good on you. Go for it and good luck!

  2. semantic error on my end. i assumed free wheeling meant at all times but i was wrong. if you have free wheeling or sprag style bearings i understand it. your 2nd gear would grab, then spin the output faster than the input, relatively turning a sprag on first gear backwards and letting go.

  3. Performance clutches operate at 3k, so that'll be good. Honestly, I thought that would be too low. I didn't even think about the engine boggin down at higher rpms.

  4. The amount of people coming at him on Twitter is hilarious, like dude there is multiple videos of what happened.

  5. Ima be honest, I don't really care. I think he was kinda looking for a fight, but so was everyone else there. Regardless what I like or don't, it is his right to defend himself though.

  6. Strong disagree on looking for a fight. Kid showed his character in his actions there as well as his demeanor after this whole debacle.

  7. Fair. I meant in the sense he shouldn't have been in Kenosha, but I think I muddled my point. Kenosha shouldn't have happened period. When this first happened, I claimed murderer, but the more I looked into it the more I saw he was just a scared kid who wanted to help people there. And it sucks that he had to use his weapon, but I 100% belive he exercised his right to defend himself.

  8. The AI in DMZ are absolutely awful. They laser beam you from any distance and instantly around corners.... if you are solo then you are essentially fucked playing this. The functionality of this game mode is becoming clear to me that it was an afterthought. Just making the bots have 100% accuracy and deal massive damage is not what I would call amazing.

  9. Personally I like it, I just hope they do some tuning to the AI in an update. It's not impossible to do a run. It's is just heavily bogged down.

  10. That's exactly how they should be. You are the infiltrator, they are the defenders. It's not supposed to be a joyride.

  11. I can see that from a narrative stance. It kind of heads shit to a stop from a gameplay stance though.

  12. Dude we should talk cars and engineering. It’s been my obsession in five different decades.

  13. Yeah. I think I mis-worded what I should have said. I get that it's not disabling for a lot of people, but it seems like there is a sizable group of us where it is tormenting.

  14. Well of course is a disability, there are a lot of things I would like to do but I can't because of my asperger. I hate when people are overly positive/naive and try to make you believe you are special or better in other ways and stuff like that, I can barely function like a regular member of the society making a huge effort every day and is fu*king exhausting the last thing I need is for some patronizing idiot (even if the intention is good) to tell how special or that I have special abilities. And at least in my personal experience It does make me less of person for having it, being unable to socialice or have a relationship when you really want to have one makes me less of a person, like I can't be a complete person because I can't accomplish something that lest say is not easy also for neurotypical but almost impossible for me. Sorry for bad English.

  15. For me it feels that it doesn't make me less of a person. It feels like it robs me of part of my personality. If socializing was breathing, it's like it takes the ability to do it automatically away. Like you have to manually breath, and the more you do it, the more tired your lungs and will to do it are tired and gone. And eventually it feels like you can't even breath anymore. Also, I get the bad English, lol.

  16. Love yourself, hate your condition. It is a terrible thing to happen to a person, but it doesn't make you less of a person. Honestly, if you need, you should try to take some time for yourself to properly see how you can best and most healthily deal with it. It's a part of who are. Honestly, if you feel that you need to consult professional health, consult it. It's not worth beating yourself up over something you have no control over.

  17. Do not run or panic. Inform Park Staff effective immediately. Wildlife at Vodka Lake are know for sensing fear.

  18. Yeah? And the union strikers were the ones protesting so they didnt have to send their kids to work in mines and die of coal lung. Or get their arms ripped off in a factory accident.

  19. Funny how countries with legal sweatshops are primarily Communist and Socialist. It's almost like it's not the system you should hate, but in fact it's the players.

  20. You using Henry Ford as an example of a person who did "net positives" for people is outstandingly ignorant...... Henry Ford is responsible for the 8 hour work week and was ANTI union. Because he believed unions were a jewish conspiracy theory. Oh-- also yeah. He was an honorary nazi. He literally was gifted a title by a nazi ambassador for his "courage" to be antisemitic.

  21. Sorry for the late response, but yes, Henry Ford was a Conspiracy theorist anti-semitic peice of scum Nazi sympathizer. But, alot of his policies in how he ran his business did help the people who worked for him. 8 hour 5 day work week-> Monumental from the 10 hour 6 day work week. Anti Union-> Believed they were organized thugs (alot at the time were), and still managed to make revolutionary advancements in fair market pay. Built cars (products) staunchly for the working class common man, and hated elite based consumerism. Believed war profiteering was a short term gain, but long term waste-> You really going to argue that war profiteering is good? Along other humanitarian, environmental, and philanthropic concerns.

  22. I don't like it on the national scale. I think it would be a very easy form of government to corrupt. Then again, I hate national government and kind of wish things could be more town and county base.

  23. Have that exact same LTD color and everything. Except mine is a 91. Great car love the 98-02 CV rims+hubcaps. Does yours have a vinyl top too?

  24. Yeah, I want to find somewhere that can paint it black though. The white is fine, but I really dig the two tone of the white and black.

  25. That’s funny you mention that because I want to do something very similar with my LTD as well. I want to have it wrapped (because it’s cheaper than having it painted) some kind of factory dark Ford blue and keeping the white vinyl top as it is as a contrast

  26. This may sound cringe, but I'm trying to get a classic stock car vibe with mine. Due to other financial responsibilities I have to budget the build, but I have a 4v intake from a Foxbody Highway Patrol, am in the process of getting some gt40 heads, a B303, and Edelbrock 600cfm carb. With the build, I eventually want to get one of those classic Daytona type decals on it with the white/black two tone body scheme.

  27. Dude i wanna see Dodge release a Hellcat crate engine like Chevy did with their N/A 1000HP V8.

  28. The Hellephant: Dodge's 1000hp 426ci Supercharged Hemi.

  29. That's fucking gross. Anyone who has to get off by the premise that someone is almost a child, needs serious fucking help.

  30. It was a joke, made by an internet stranger. It was made in good fun. You don't have to get butthurt by it.

  31. Doesn’t the 5.4 have a reputation for being kind of a shitty engine?

  32. 5.4 3v were shitty engines. The 2v's were godawful when it came to making decent power compared to the 4.6 2v and the 5.4 4v was an absolute unit of an engine.

  33. Something American and probably something pre fuel injection and computers. Ford and Chevy trucks have huge engine bays and there’s more knowledge out there about a small block 350 or 302 than say a new mustang coyote motor

  34. I wouldn't say so, the Coyotes are incredibly popular. Arguably just much as the 302 or 351w. Now if you wanted to make an argument on price amd simplicity, go pushrod all the way.

  35. Let us know how many of the exhaust manifold studs snap! At least they’re accessible this way. I’ve been dreading that job on mine for a good 2 years now.

  36. Im about to buy so much Mr Wrench I might as well become a shareholder.

  37. Is this the one with the awful spark plugs?

  38. It could be, but I always thought that was the pre 2004 2v and all of the 3v mod motors.

  39. Yeah, but it's not really a classic or collector's item, and you'd probably be better off getting a newer truck for any practical application at that price.


  41. 15 Scion TC as my daily, 02 Ford Mustang as my project.

  42. Noice. What's going into it? Or are you just building the stock motor?

  43. At the moment, it has a blown V6 and a 4 speed auto. I'm planning on putting in a Navigator 5.4 4v with the Coyote Boss 302 intake/fuel system using a MMR adapter, a tr3650, and running it through a Holley Terminator X computer. It could also do with a huge brake overhaul.

  44. I’d like an up to speed on Jaguar. They’ve made some bad ass cars and have a racing heritage, yet they are (almost?) never talked about on Donut.

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