1. This sounds like a really out there idea, sign me up.

  2. I'm just so happy that you're in support of the idea. Best artistic bros forever!

  3. It's always the context yes 😭😭 But the art is genuinely so nice though

  4. I just want to point out how well he makes Saki look unique among hentai characters. Her body type, and even her lips seem distinct to her... or maybe that's just how he draws women and I haven't read enough stories of his to know.

  5. Wow... holy racdrops. That was brutal... and I LOVED it! I honestly kind of prefer this to what actually happened in the book! The writing is freaking excellent, and the concept overall is just fantastic!

  6. Hadn't quite that of it that way, but overall, I'd say it's a bit of both.

  7. Cool! Thank you for writing this; it's just so well done!

  8. I mean, most of them go far beyond just alternate endings, but

  9. This is more a continuation of this than a reply, but I’m writing my own fanfic for Emergence. Even then, the writing for me is still ever changing…it has taken a lot longer and has gotten bigger than I thought it would.

  10. I mean, the gyaru look is attractive to some people. The issue is why Saki made that change to herself. She did it to please her manipulator and "clients". If it were just a fashion change she made because she liked the style, then that would be fine.

  11. I mean, it really depends on what an individual considers fuckable, doesn't it?

  12. Both sides are mixed bags when it comes to how their people feel about their nations.

  13. Damn, this is some brutal worldbuilding, but I think that helps it even more as a backdrop for future stories. Sounds like there's a lot of potential for great, likable characters on both sides. Maybe even characters who could work together for a better future? I sure love the possibilities!

  14. Eheh yep. I actually admit I end up blurring the line between my normal and horny worldbuilding. I guess in a sense even in my most horny, I don’t want things to seem too cartoony (like Yuukomans fapping to the history of their own defeat even if I do find that hot)

  15. I get that. We must all find a balance when it comes to the horny in our worlds, no matter how difficult it may be! I hope your worldbuilding and story writing goes well!

  16. This is probably my favorite Guardians of Ga'Hoole meme, EVER. BRILLIANT!!!

  17. Yes, this is for Tabletop Simulator. I worked on this for almost a week until I figured out how to transfer models. The idea of ​​the project is simple, to create assets for a board game based on this book and film universe. More or less detailed description I stated in the post below.

  18. What's the gameplay going to be like? Anything it can be compared to?

  19. In my opinion, this is something like a role-playing game, you create a character for yourself, start where you want, which is similar to Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, it should be a master who more or less knows the lore of the universe, can come up with various situations. But you lead the character yourself. You can start wherever you want. There are even starter kits for different classes. Anyway, my idea was to pick and add assets for a board game. The game has not yet spelled out clear rules, I rely more on the imagination of the players.

  20. I know when it's over, I'll just be hungry for another one.

  21. I just wanna give the poor nerdy angel a hug. She deserves so much love!

  22. Very nice collection! Especially the art book... that beautiful, beautiful art book. :')

  23. It's so cute and wholesome! Thank you for bringing us smiles with this beautiful work. :)

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