1. “Human being has unhappy marriage. News at 11”

  2. what if you need 10-12 hours or else you're too tired to do anything during the day?

  3. Then they need to go see a doctor. Probably depressed or have a sleep disorder

  4. About what I expected. Fuck this guy.

  5. The butterfly was well received in the ER and ICU I worked in previously. The wired connection is one of the few cons in my experience.

  6. My FM attending used the butterfly and loves it. Keeps the thing in an Indians Jones style satchel that he walks around with

  7. Waiting for all people to come insult him or say his music sucks. They're the real heroes

  8. I honestly have no idea who this person is, what band did he play for

  9. Bc they speak to the troubles men face today in the world of finding a mate..its like they are being heard.. Their struggles are being acknowledged and not swept under the rug as the plights of women take up the entire stage these days... Nobody cares about men's issues

  10. This just simply isn’t true. It seems most men who think this way are simply overthinking the situation. It’s not difficult to find women to date, however it’s very difficult to find someone who wants to date you if you’re strange.

  11. I disagree every woman needs their own custom approach by a man, every woman is full of anxieties about men and sex and learning to navigate those anxieties is a learned skill that takes confidence assertiveness knowledge and luck among many other things.. Depending on how good looking you are the harder it is to learn.

  12. I’ve used the exact same skill set and approach with every woman I’ve ever been interested in and it’s worked most of the time. Again, the overthinking involved in saying that there needs to be a custom approach because women are inherently anxious is simply wrong

  13. You’re probably the biggest idiot I’ve ever heard of. Enjoy the divorce.

  14. So this is a tough spot that gets mixed up where I believe some doctors do let personal feelings take over. While yes they should advise people to not do so as it could have very drastic effects and people can change their minds, yeah you don't want a 19 year old coming and saying they want a hysterectomy. There Is a line and finding it is tough. I got snipped at 29 when I had no kids and luckily the doc understood when I was just adamant, I don't want children I have a very poor outlook on the world and would rather adopt if anything, my family has a history of mental illness that I don't want to pass on, and my fiance can't have children due to her own medical issues without likely complications. I'm happy he respected my reasons and let it be.

  15. The issue isn’t whether it’s the patients choice or not. She has every right to make a choice to get sterilized. What she does not have is the right to force a doctor to perform the procedure.

  16. If a doctor refuses to perform their job duties, they should quit or get fired like everyone else.

  17. There duty is to provide care when indicated and medically appropriate, not to do what patients say.

  18. Lol being a gunsmith doesn’t buy you credit with me princess, there is a reason I work on my own guns. I’m both a competitive shooter and have extensive knowledge on the effects of and treatment for both knife and bullet injuries.

  19. Dude I’m not even convinced you OWN a gun, much less carry one. Do you know how hard it is to limp wrist a Glock into having a FTF/FTE?

  20. That’s hilarious. When you get to third year, you will see the vast majority of medical students want FM or IM

  21. I've heard a lot of IM typically with some fellowship, or Peds or OB.

  22. Lol at “future ortho surgeons and dermatologists”.

  23. LOL 10 days later? Dude I already forgot who you were.

  24. Bud, take a look, that person just responded. You get a notification on reddit when the response shows up. You would have just gotten a new one from this comment now.

  25. He…. Didn’t respond to me you blithering idiot. I got a notification because you tagged me.

  26. Honestly, the best doctors are the ones who teach me about the things they like most. I had an attending while on FM who was very into ultrasonography, and spent three weeks teaching me how to do it every day. When I got to other rotations, I was able to use those skills.

  27. Good, fuck that anti-Semitic piece of shit

  28. Which is funny because he and his wife are Jewish lol

  29. And he called for Jews to be killed if a Holocaust should come around

  30. It is, which is why the user who keeps making/buying alts to post it is getting banned by us and Reddit admins. Keep reporting.

  31. Wow, she honestly dodged a bullet with the second date IMO. Someone shallow enough to make a whole post about addressing a girl's weight after a date....she is probably better off without anyways. Let her be, she doesn't really need your advice or thoughts.

  32. For someone who apparently “advocates kindness” You come off as a judgmental cunt

  33. Why? Because the truth is too hurtful?

  34. Someone I sold something to off the marketplace came to pick it up the other day. We spoke briefly, he said he was a veteran. I thanked him for his service, as is the polite thing to do. His response was quite different from any other response I've ever heard.

  35. Why? My buddy is a fairly high ranking naval officer. He has never seen combat, even though he was in a combat role when he first commissioned. He loves his entire experience

  36. We got a CEO here, masters in Business Economics! Or you’re just parroting lame ass talking points.

  37. What an absolutely idiotic hill to die on. I feel bad for the people you have to interact with every day

  38. Do me a favor, report and message mod mail directly if you see more BS from this pathetic loser. We already banned all the alts, but I’m sure he’ll crank out an angry jerk or two and then start spamming again

  39. Your hospital should have some sort of person who specializes in epic and can help. Mine does

  40. Because the R9 is one of the best cans I own for PCC’s and I want another?

  41. I do like him tbh, I was introduced to “The birth of the clinic” in my first year of medical school and think he has some interesting commentary

  42. Your fiancé needs to be downgraded to ex.

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