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  1. Question: can these gift cards be used towards your monthly subscription? If so, imma need to head to Kroger sooner than expected to buy one.

  2. A warning though, it's kind of stupid but they don't seem to be able to make partial payments on your subscription. So if you're short on your gift card balance by a little bit they just pull the whole amount from your backup payment option instead of applying your remaining balance first.

  3. I'm pretty sure there's one or more former safc academy kids who made the switch to Austin too

  4. I wish trolley buses had a heavier presence in the electrification process, but alas

  5. Doesn't Seattle already have a lot of electric trolley buses? I think I remember seeing them a few years back

  6. It's shitty but for many of the roads that are managed by TxDOT (like parts of Lamar, Burnet, and more), their design standards and rules don't allow for street trees directly next to the road bc of the safety issue for drivers. TxDOT don't give a shit about pedestrians, cyclists, shade, or really anything not directly related to the pouring of more concrete and asphalt.

  7. I doubt there would be any issue using dormant oil or soap. Are you sure they're actually on it, or are you just seeing their black mildew? Could also cut it to the ground and it'll grow back from the roots in spring

  8. Thanks, I wasn't sure how it would respond if I cut it all the way back. I'm sure it's been infected, I found some earlier this year, little fuzzy white spots that oozed red when popped. I mostly just tried to control it by hand at that point (it's a pretty small plant right now), but I'm sure it'll be back worse next year if I don't do something about it now assuming they laid eggs on it. I'll probably go with dormant oil now and then use soap to control from spring onward.

  9. I used Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap spray every 3 or 4 days until the scale was gone. Saturate top & underside of leaves, as well as stems. Recipe

  10. We took the kiddos to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch recently and it was a big hit. There isn’t much to do besides the drive-through safari but all the animals are free to wander and they will come right up to your vehicle so the kids can get a good look. Even the cheetahs were running around playing, not sitting in a small pen looking miserable. (They were behind a fence of course, but they had a big field all to themselves)

  11. I don't know, having them suck hot car exhaust all day every day probably isn't great for the animals either. They basically live in a traffic jam during operating hours. Plus people are definitely feeding them things that they aren't supposed to be eating. It's a better life than at the Austin Aquarium though for sure.

  12. Man, the vast difference in quality between the different teams' production is going to be really jarring for fans. Some teams are killing it in the media space and will produce amazing stuff while other teams are going to be shooting and clipping from their interns' iphones.

  13. The Revs are about to be exposed in this department. They always looked bush league when it came to their media department.

  14. That's crazy because I'm sure they could get their patriots staff to do stuff even just part-time and make it look good

  15. Yup. I'd come to LA if I were him. This dude would absolutely clean up in k-town.

  16. or Toronto. we have a massive Korean population here too.

  17. I think Vancouver's is pretty big too but I heard Hwang didn't like it there

  18. What was Gabe's rating? I need a comp

  19. Weird coincidence that we get our new player's old coach? Or does this mean Sofiane Djeffal is going to become Messi?

  20. 1.5M Twitter views and counting. Fab is Growing the Legend

  21. He made $569k last year. Don't know what he'd cost us but he's probably too expensive to be just a depth piece

  22. I remember hearing La Chona a lot at some points in the season

  23. It would be a massive loss if Gabe leaves without a direct replacement or upgrade. Not to mention he's the funniest/most clever guy on the team by a mile.

  24. I just don't think the value is there. $1800 a seat in 312. Take away the $340 in concession money that comes with the seat (which can be difficult to spend if you miss a few games for work/travel) and it was $1,460 for the seat which gets you guaranteed shade, VIP entrance use, and dedicated bathrooms and concessions along with a nice stair climb to upper level seats. On top of that, the resale value is poor - usually lucky to get face value for most games. Happy to have moved to lower east side for half the price per seat; especially with 99% of the games this season starting at 7:30 or later (sun won't be much of a factor).

  25. Even knowing the complaints about that terrace section, it's almost always the one I'm most jealous of when I'm sweating my ass off on really hot sunny days in section 131. I'm not sure why that is. I think maybe there's a visible ceiling fan? I'm never jealous of the Lexus club section. Don't like the vibe over there.

  26. Any idea why Fodrey dropped? I keep hearing he was projected top 5 and somehow fell to 13? That seems odd to me

  27. Gonna guess it's his age mostly? Almost all the other MLS teams have fully rostered academy systems and Next Pro teams so they might have 18 yr old homegrowns they are already excited about. He's a GA guy too so he'd have to be signed to the first team but he wouldn't necessarily be able to contribute first team minutes right away - that's just my guess at the logic for passing on him. Personally I like the pick after reading about him.

  28. Who knows if this guy is any good, but I guess it's a good sign that we're apparently looking everywhere for talent for the second team.

  29. Elfath is the only PRO referee at the World Cup (along with a few assistants and video officials). He officiated Cameroon vs. Brazil today. Seen here giving a second yellow, albeit sympathetically, to a player for removing his shirt.

  30. The only Austinite working at this world cup

  31. And yet, AZ continues to lease hundreds of thousands of acres to the saudis for pennies on the dollar, with essentially unregulated water rights, so that they can grow alfalfa to ship back to saudi arabia.

  32. There was a pretty good episode of the Gastropod podcast on the western megadrought and alfalfa recently

  33. I saw Wolff drop them all off at the Sport Clips near Mopac & 360 not long ago. He was driving a big church type van, and they all looked really excited to be there. I think it's like a monthly ritual for the team. Then they all go play in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese. What's good for team morale is good enough for me.

  34. Gonna need that Austin FC MS Paint guy to illustrate this for us

  35. Yeah I’d say sacrifice the open cup to development

  36. Yeah it's the least important thing we'll do next season but then again it's still the easiest way to qualify for CCL

  37. did ANYONE get the opportunity to upgrade?? i sure didn’t.

  38. Just for giggles I asked my rep about the price of one of the loge boxes. Technically I had the opportunity to upgrade but I couldn't talk my wife into selling the house

  39. Lots of good suggestions in the responses. I'll second the wildflower center, though I'll say I went there for several years before I ever really appreciated what I was looking at. Once I took a greater interest in native plants and was able to start identifying them on my own, I started a deeper appreciation for what they have there. It's definitely more of a hands off/subtle sort of approach taken there, as opposed to some other botanical gardens in the area like at Zilker or San Antonio that have a more obviously intentional design. I'd also suggest going to the wildflower center's fall and spring native plant sales to see a lot of options all at once and be able to ask questions about any of them. Many of the plants there would be hard or impossible to find in a nursery too, bc of their limited commercial appeal.

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