1. Yeah, you would think Dumbledore would visit himself like he did with, oh I don't know, Voldemort, especially knowing how important Harry was/would be. But no, let's just flood his house with letters until his legal guardians go mad and take him to the middle of nowhere.

  2. You can use the same pipe for water and sewage. Make sure that when you connect things together you here a 'ding' sound. The 'ding' indicates the connection is successful. whenever you start a new branch make sure you connection starts from a node.

  3. How can I be sure it’s directly connected? I feel like I’m somehow missing it

  4. as i said, listen for the 'ding' sound. That tells you if it is connected.

  5. It looks like some of the new buildings are not working properly, some of the new parking lots are missing and buildings are stuck on blurry lod. The devs are aware and have said on twitter that they are looking into it.

  6. I love that the devs giver moders the patch early so that so many mods are ready to go as soon as the patch is public released.

  7. if he was good enough i would have taken that risk but yes he isnt worth the risk at the moment

  8. Imo no 4 star is worth the risk especially as a ftp. I get him eventually somewhere

  9. But we know that an aircraft carrier is not something we want, we operated a number of them in the past and do not have man power to man anything bigger than our existing LHD's.

  10. I didnt suggest we buy an aircraft carrier, i just used it as an example of opportunity cost.

  11. What you are saying is that we shouldn't buy any thing, planes, ships, subs as its a bet that they will supplanted within the next 50 years?

  12. Team Bots FC tells the judges and produces what parts of their armour is considered ablative and designed to fall off when hit.

  13. build more than one dock. I ran a trade only game and i had like 12 docks. each dock can hold 1000 units. you can also use warehouses to store materials. having more teamsters will also move goods faster

  14. Has Media Watch caught on to this?

  15. You have to get the owners to agree to sell. Even suggesting it might ruin a politicians chance of re-election due to lobbying and funding candidates who agree not to. The government trying to seize private property never goes down well.

  16. Is no one else getting re zero vibes?

  17. Everything is "moving", though. The Earth is hurling through space at roughly 500k mph relative to the center of the universe.

  18. I would say what matters is the relative speed of where you are to where you are going

  19. You can’t just stick a tree on top of a turtle and call it a pokemon

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