1. I dream about someone who fall in love with me so much and make me feel like I’m special/unique I imagine this person giving me affection

  2. Teacher here and I had my first Kayan this year. I have to say when I first saw it, I was a little confused (thought it was a grave misspelling of the pepper) but once I got over my association, the name grew on me and I loved it within the first week! Go for it!

  3. I like it a lot, but I would have thought it was a boy name if you hadn't said otherwise

  4. It’s a terrible name for a human. Might be cute for a pony.

  5. I was insane when I thought it’s beautiful I guess I’m tired of searching for one

  6. You're gonna be okay. You may be down now, but you will get back up. When you do, you're gonna do something nice for yourself. For me, that would be eating the fanciest cake I can find. For you, it might be something else. After that, you'll search for that voice of self-compassion you may not be hearing right now. When you find it, you'll be able to look into that darkness and say, "It's okay for me to feel this way."

  7. Lol, literally my whole life people have asked if I’m tired and no amount of face masks or skin treatments can “fix” it. But I will say that Korean sheet masks sometimes make me look more refreshed

  8. It took me 5 years to tell my therapist something I never told anyone. I think that's ok, it's not my fault I can't trust, and it's ok to take as much time as you need. If I did it before I was ready it probably wouldn't have been good.

  9. And how did u felt ? Did u regret/felt ashamed ? Telling someone about my issues amplify my shame .. but that was with normal people not with a therapist I just assumed it will feel the same but didn’t actually try yet. I will open up more next session for sure

  10. I didn't feel ashamed afterwards, which is kind of surprising. I think maybe a lot of the shame is from keeping it secret.

  11. You'll always have these feelings, they exist irrespective of your identity and body. The real work is learning to deal with those, and that's not something that happens easily or quickly. You'd also need to be kind to yourself to do it. It takes patience and kindness, which isn't easy but meditation does help to strengthen these skills.

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