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  1. In the eyes of Ford, he has to let the system break if he wants to push to replace it with privatization. That's why there's little to no intervention to help ERs despite well reported stories of our Healthcare system in crisis.

  2. Love my Cherokee Infinity. Soft, flattering cut, ample pockets, and not as expensive as Figs

  3. Crazy. I brushed my knuckle against a brick wall the other day and almost fainted.

  4. A nice clear cut pneumoperitoneum. Lots of subdiaphragmatic/phrenic free air!

  5. They hit me like a punch in the gut. This is exactly how my parents spoke to me growing up. Now I'm a high earning engineer in the field they wanted, and I also no longer speak to them. I would rather have been loved than live like this.

  6. Don’t forget you can get cash back via rakuten. $12.50 back via PayPal. Need a referral to rakuten? Let me know.

  7. On a loose gravel road, it's much much safer to take the desired path than attempt at 90degree turn on a bike. Time is the least of your worries on that path.

  8. TD e-series are low cost mutual funds (mer are a bit higher than an etf) the 902 fund is their US holdings (so like the S&P 500)

  9. Are these usually better performers than say a vfv? Also this may be a dumb question but I'm assuming you need to be with TD to buy them?

  10. Yes, i believe you need to be a TD customer for these. As far as performance goes, look em up and check for yourself :)

  11. Respectfully, isn’t that what emergency medicine is? Being the Jack of All Trades and the master of none?

  12. So he wants to be a urologist huh?

  13. Which one did you try and what your regimen. There are 7 variations and depending on your baseline you just need to adjust it. It’s so much better than anything I’ve come across. No real side effects and not habit forming. I have a spreadsheet I can share with peaks and onset etc. it requires some commitment to being properly hydrated, getting good sleep and taking off on weekends.

  14. I would love to check out your spreadsheet data if you wouldn't mind!

  15. This sounds like a uworld question for serotonin syndrome

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