This restaurant in Monterrey, CA doesn’t allow children.

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  1. I saw a nature clip depicting this.

  2. Yeah, seeing an ant clawing at its own head and then seeing why is... kind of wild.

  3. The fact that the others ants knew what was happening and took the infected one far away from the colony is even more wild.

  4. Chop Suey, it at least scares the intruder for a second.

  5. I'd go with Bounce. Immediate jumpscare chord in the first second of the song.

  6. Cockroaches, especially the ones that fly.

  7. Each time I get paid, I transfer about half of what's in my checking account to my savings.

  8. The opening themes to a handful of Cartoon Network shows like Powerpuff Girls and Ed, Edd, & Eddy.

  9. fece says:

    what about too-short pants with no or low-ankle socks so that the sock is entirely invisible? I fucking refuse to participate in that disgusting activity.

  10. I wouldn't mind at all if short shorts became popular; several months ago, I discovered how attractive toned thighs can look on a guy.

  11. Tell my parents and ONLY my parents.

  12. The ones who get their mufflers removed. Can hear those things from like a mile away when they rev their engines.

  13. He had a “cum pillow” in his room covered in stains. Whenever he’d jerk off he’d always cum on that same pillow.

  14. 3 weeks during NTC. Had a big ol' ball of hair in my hand after that first shower coming out of the box.

  15. "All magic comes with a price, dearie."

  16. After years of haunting that lonely bridge, waiting for that opportune moment, the souls of his many victims could finally move on.

  17. I think about his smile every time I hear You Sexy Thing!

  18. You named the song and it made me think of this one random clip I remember seeing way back when with this crazy guy dancing silly and taking his clothes off while this song was playing. And I had no idea which movie it was from until now.

  19. American Girl has good books called The Care and Keeping of You. One for 8 to 10 year olds and the next volume for 9 to 11 year olds.

  20. Aww...I remember that book from when I was little.

  21. TBH Robert Carlyle and his performance as Gold /Rumple. He's a phenomenal actor. As I watched it, though, I started to fall in love with other characters like Regina, Zelena, Cruella, and Tilly/Alice. Oh, and of course, Capt Hook.

  22. My mom, sister, and I started watching the show from the beginning. And I remember thinking, "Why do I find Mr. Gold oddly attractive?" It's most likely the charismatic charm he carries about himself.

  23. Tetris Effect. Amazing soundtrack, amazing visuals and the ability to experience it all through VR.

  24. Just from watching Snatch and Lock-Stock, I think it's safe to say that some of the most British phrases of all-time include the obvious "F*ck off." as well as "What's that?" which tends to translate to, "Why do you have it?" but is usually met with the equally British response of what that is.

  25. Not right in the middle of the back of the neck, but a slight bit to either side... the space between the nape and the ears.

  26. I'm convinced that the spot between my nape and the right side of my neck is my sweet spot.

  27. I've made use of it but have to find a good position so it works without breaking my neck or awkward to her. But it def its worth while to hear her moan extra

  28. My ex from 7-8 years ago made it work by having me propped up on my elbows and knees with him laying underneath me (not 69 style, though we did that often too). First time in that position was probably the loudest I ever was when we got intimate.

  29. I know so many “wonderful” husbands and fathers that cheat on their wives. Obviously the wives don’t know and would never in a million years think their beautiful faithful husbands would ever do that to them. They are dedicated, loving, caring family men. This fact frightens me a lot. But what they don’t know clearly isn’t hurting them.

  30. Yeah, it ain't that bad unless they're on the receiving end of it. Then it's degrading and emasculating.

  31. This is todays Irish and Scottish lore inspire story. Still a bit of an easier one, the clues are in the story itself.

  32. I like to think she went after her dad after killing her husband.

  33. That looks like it's on the Wharf. I was stationed at the Presidio a few years back, so I have some familiarity with Monterey. Gosh, I miss that place.

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