1. My immediate first reaction is BuZz, due to his frankly incredible performance at Champions combined with the fact that I think DRX are favorites to go far into the tourney, but I'm not even sure if BuZz will be the primarily duelist for DRX if they choose to play foxy9. So then my second choice is cNed with the Jett meta coming back into play and Na'Vi having an incredibly solid foundation to enable his play.

  2. I think they credited them at the end of the last podcast

  3. Damn, that's so cool that longtime contributors to the subreddit

  4. all fun and games til squirtle hits you with the tera grass mix up

  5. why would that matter, suygetsu is not a controller main

  6. I fucking swear by their spicy ramen noodles, carried me through university

  7. trent rocks but jesus. did people not get tired of this editing style in 2014 when every 14-year-old was using it for their AP Sion frag videos

  8. Pretty sure it was done ironically, and they really pulled it off well because I wanted to toss my monitor out the window while watching this

  9. I am surprised as to why Jovi seems to have a painting frame around him in this reveal poster

  10. not saying it isn’t accurate, but that was almost 10 years ago now.

  11. This is like introducing babybay as an “ex CS player who cheated”

  12. Will never forget how you knocked out T1 in two open qualifiers in 2022. My goat

  13. NGL, this feels like scattering breadcrumbs to a flock of pigeons, but it's a slow day, so why not. Remember unfinished scrims with 0 context matter more than actual match results, don't let the naysayers and haters in the comments convince u otherwise.

  14. is this a guess or do u acc know? i feel like nrg will try harbor bc chet thought he had potential and was underutilized when he first came out

  15. i have zero insider information and i am just making shit up

  16. From what I remember, word was that EG wanted him, but Faze wasn’t being the best about actually letting that go through. But that was also just rumors

  17. Yeah the very first rumor was that BcJ and supamen were gonna join EG, that one got shut down pretty much a week or two after it started

  18. Nerve, Runi, Shonk, and mina have all posted their LFT tweets as well


  20. Picking the team with the best logo to win Ascension. Assuming DarkRatio gets picked up by Mad Lions, I am betting it all on them.

  21. He’s widely considered to be the goat IGL in valorant now for what it’s worth

  22. Hecz and hitch are really the worst part of it all tbh

  23. What’s wrong with hitch, he just seems like a chill guy who loves Optic

  24. why's codey catching strays here LOL

  25. Why Dasnerth (the goat, objective best player in NA ranked) catching strays is the real question here

  26. Happy for the boys on Squirtle Squad, its always nice to see an unsigned team succeed. Which organization is picking them up for Challengers?

  27. I don't think it'll be that much of a deterrent, but I do wonder if Okeanos and the whole leaking underage nudes thing is gonna be a factor for potential orgs.

  28. Likely not, since Okeanos is probably one of the better examples of how you can overcome allegations like that. I believe he and his ex are on good terms with each other after he apologized to her and he did a good amount of work to reform and become a better person, including doing volunteer work for victims of SA and doing a charity stream for a SA charity as well.

  29. huke actually smiles between maps and doesn’t look dead inside all the time

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