1. Yeah that's a great acheivement man , its been a while from the last time i saw this number man, keep it up man

  2. omg what a quote, that's fact man but thanks god we are moving forward

  3. Yeah man you did a great thing, aprecciate it keep going on you nofap

  4. hey man do u know how can i add a nofap counter here in reddit

  5. Congrats man, but don't be cocky man that's will take you to relapse again, keep it up man

  6. The way you had motivated me is incerdible man YOU ARE GIFTED AT it, thanks alot man 👏

  7. I really aprecciate your time and effort helping nofapers to get rid of this addiction THANKS MAN A LOT 👏.... btw how can i add a nofap counter on my account

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