1. Can u explain the dm direct message to me. It just means text me inside the message portion of apps right?

  2. I see. Well I seem to only get females(possibly real lol) that just are bitbotish. My date apps don’t get much response either. Idk.

  3. Sadly there are a lot of bots on Reddit. As well as the whole internet. If there is money to made somewhere, you can bet there will be bots. I’ll link you to a post with some good information on how to spot a bot.

  4. Well there’s your answer, you’re asking a chatbot and not people with years of experience in jailbreaking.

  5. CSM born good. Did bad stuff in later life. CSM bad doo doo.

  6. Love the poor edit of the video.

  7. The thought that those floors need to be flooded in order for those floors to be flooded.

  8. Brought a tear to my eye. Such a great piece of music.

  9. $10,000 to cancer awarnesss (RIP Dad) $10,000 to my family. $10,000 for me.

  10. You may need to want to do a rewatch again in a few months time. I’m 7 watches in since 2010 and I’m still picking up bits I missed.

  11. Looks really great. Just created a ghost face cosplay myself today :)

  12. Super bouncing! It was one of my favorite things to do in Halo 2. Super bouncing to ridiculous places. Sometimes you can even hop the invisible wall and just run into a void of nothing lol. I had a whole group of like 12 people that all we did was glitch levels online and had some hilarious moments

  13. Sword, rockets and 4x Overshield.

  14. Onlyfans. So it’s stopped being shoved down my throat by every person and cosplayer on the Internet.

  15. Sometimes if there are vacancies, there will be a few questions to answer and what experience you have etc. I’ll tag

  16. I love(d) doing it. When those thighs start seizing up around your head, it’s happy time.

  17. Could try UnC0ver for iOS 12 instead?

  18. Make sure you take care of those lines my dude.

  19. Every female who's watched the show... and probably some of the male viewers, too.

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