1. While true, he’s still young when it comes to beards. Most men only realize full beard potential in their late 30s or 40s

  2. Just about the time we start losing the rest of our hair

  3. You don't lose it. It's just when you head hair starts growing downwards and comes out your face.

  4. Mines heading the other direction. away from the front of my head but down my neck.

  5. You tally rarely see XXs round here. Very nice.

  6. It’s from the company that manufactures the box

  7. I’ve worn them in the rain and they haven’t bled.

  8. Does he not look a bit like Gambit from the X-Men cartoons/comics?

  9. Playing for him wouldn’t be enjoyable. You’d win, but it wouldn’t be fun.

  10. I have trouble understanding him even he isn’t yelling.

  11. There’s no secret market. You either buy from retailers or get gouged by resellers.

  12. Those are Air Oh Shit Why Did I Agree To Be Loaned To Chelsea X This Team Is A Dumpster Fire

  13. If you like them, buy them. No one upon meeting you is going to know that they are $400 Italian shoes (you can buy something similar looking for ~$75). If you want to spend the money for quality, that’s up to you.

  14. Just bought the honor oaks partially because of him (btw where is Stansted and how long does something take to ship from there to Chicago?)

  15. That’s what I was thinking. The Mannings are probably the closest.

  16. Because he needs PL experience. Scoring goals against French teams is not the same as scoring goals against PL teams.

  17. We’re winning the league. I don’t care what any of these scared supporters say.

  18. According Matthew 25:13 we must be vigilant because we know neither the day nor the hour of Jesus’ return.

  19. Can’t imagine golfing in a high top

  20. Talk is cheap when the story is good. People are not regularly getting robbed or killed for their sneakers in developed countries. Are we too image/brand conscious? Yes. But this is an exaggeration to tug at your heart strings.

  21. I just listened to George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. I had forgotten how good it was.

  22. Has John Cena retired from wrestling? Why is there such a big line of guys shaking hands?

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