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  1. Chips ahoy ads were kinda a year and 5 months ago imo

  2. I hope his soft rework makes him harder to kill but maintain the current difficulty that he has when evading him

  3. Yeah yeah, goat simulator. That doesn’t exclude the fact that the gang kill thousands of cops and make off with billions, on a bad day.

  4. Far from billions, even on heists like big bank, gmc, goat sim, hoxout, rats, and cookoff on DS

  5. It's kinda obvious. No invasion can be succesfull if it didn't end in 1-2 months.

  6. As a rich family's kid. My both mom and dad are 60 and they love me. But this is one of the rare complainings i have which everyone can feel same as me:

  7. I dont think you should have any whips

  8. Unions are laggier than normal parts (even though it reduces part count) Try to keep union usage to a minimum

  9. The only thing i got right was pounce, and stalk

  10. that battery lasted a long time. if you didn’t charge it, that’s a you problem lol.

  11. Yeah, my i think like 9 or something year old 3ds has a super low battery

  12. Russia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea

  13. AITA for donating $5000 to charity instead of giving it all to my older brother?

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