1. DC, mainly because there are a lot more interesting things to explore and combine. Depending on how you write it you can make the characters be simply unphased by some of the things in each setting plus more actually heroic heros

  2. Might not be good advice but maybe just ask his issue with you? In my opinion it's better to have a concrete answer than an empty one which will only cause worry and issues later down the line.

  3. thank you, I’ll try this. And you’re right, it’s really consuming to create concrete answers haha

  4. Sounds like something a weird mustache man who was a former artist would say

  5. I spoiled it for myself so I'm just gonna say this lightly.

  6. A Shard slowly dying would be a great premise for a corruption of reality kind of story.

  7. Maybe the MC uses the last bit of their life to save the world or something

  8. Hope you're feeling better, not sure if I can help but maybe you need some alone time? Drinking isn't good so maybe treat yourself better and try to surround yourself with people who care about you. You can try getting a pet of some kind, from what I know it helps a lot.

  9. The amount of bullshit and hypocrisy in this is astounding, preaching about how men don't understand what it feels like to be a woman yet here you are with no clue how It is to be a man.

  10. "generalizations". maybe if you didnt want to be generalized, you should stop being so snarky toward women because it drives in the point. that isn't even mentioning the fact that OP isn't generalizing anything. she isnt saying, "all men are abusers/rapists", because that would be a generalization, and its still incredibly arguable if that's incorrect. shes pointing out how women get treated versus men in our society, which is backed up by countless sources and basic observational skills. shes absolutely right in everything she said, and she's justified in "hating" men because of how deeply it affects her personally.

  11. You're doing what you're accusing the dude of lmao, do you understand the word hypocrisy?

  12. If it isn't "Kung Fu Hustle" it should be because it is amazing!

  13. Is that Joker? Thought his chest were boobs and was wondering where the pp came from

  14. The limtless thing is overplay but besides that what's so bad?

  15. The audacity of US people telling Foreign folks to fuck off is astounding given the history of your own country.

  16. Alright let me go to your country and bitch about it. Yeah how exciting.

  17. It was a "What if" thing I don't really care, it's just annoying how people constantly bitch about shit.

  18. Yet almost everyone here has agreed it’s a weird situation and your mom is completely right.

  19. Keep on mind men has the majority of successful suicides, maybe there's a reason why?

  20. Comments be like: All Men are rapist murders who will want you

  21. I enjoy the idea of a masked Lantern, but hate the mask he wears. I think if they made the eyes white and eyepatch black I would've been better.

  22. hmm the arrow might be to simple for him to assimilate but that wont stop him from getting a stand wonder what his would be called

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