1. I think this post is a great example of why Kibbe has said not to look to celebrities to learn how to dress because they often don't dress according to their accommodations. (The exception is if he gives them as inspo, I'm thinking.) Most of these (dress 1, 2, and 3) are cut very straight and are quite stiff (at least to my eye). Dress 4 might be ok for double-curve, but I think I need to know more about the dress before I can decide. It's hard to see what's going on with dress 5 too, though I will say I really like the black-and-gold color scheme on Selena. It feels very queenly and opulent. I think that's more to do with her color season though, which I suspect may be in the deep category (obviously, I can't know though because I've never seen her in person).

  2. Most celebrities tend to wear stiff dresses for some reason. It's painfully obvious that's good not for her in the 2nd dress, especially compared on how it looks on a yang dominant frame.

  3. That I sudden wake up from a Coma I didn’t know I was in, having lost years of my life

  4. How about waking up from a coma you knew you were in all along, 10 years of complete awareness but not being able to move at all?

  5. California made them have sex with one another while he watched and berated them the whole time for the pathetic performance.

  6. both beautiful women. IMO this style makes Beyoncé seem like she’s trying too hard / something she is not. I am not seeing Queen Bey at all here. she looks more like a pop princess in this. Nothing about the lines, style, or color make sense for her.

  7. She does look a little Britney-like with the pleated skirt. But I still like it. I think the takeout is if you're a romantic and you want to wear a pleated skirt it better be a flowy fabric like this chiffon

  8. I think it would look amazing on Bey if it didn’t have the bright color blocking, if it used colors that better suit her golden complexion, and had less straight, harsh lines. The areyouami taela dress comes to mind here. It’s a similar look while featuring more yin details:

  9. What? ..... REALLY???? I feel so disappointed by people that would do that. Fuk that shit.

  10. I actually feel respect for them. My stupid anxiety would never let me make a mistake on purpose, I fail enough already without even meaning to

  11. Covid and static elecricity has produced a me that touches every single thing I come in contact with either my knuckle or the back of my hand. I've seen this video many times and still can't comprehend how anyone could blame this guy for what happened. I'm glad they're both okay.

  12. Oh I'm in no way blaming him! It just produced such an irrational fear in me that I came up with this idea

  13. I don’t want my towels to smell like my salad.

  14. Then the solution seems simple enough: put fabric softener in your salad

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