1. Just a coincidence that all western countries are ramming legislation to restrict the internet. All at the same time!

  2. Thanks, you from three weeks in the future!

  3. 😂😂 “I rang bells, thanked the goddesses and had a little too much wine.”

  4. “Burn the patriarchy” how about you start burning some fat instead? I’ve seen the photos of y’all.

  5. And yet no one can answer the question Why they hate Trump. At least not in a sentence of their own thoughts and words, It's all talking points from the media. Truly a NPC moment.

  6. America is a banana republic that persecute political opponents now.

  7. Not gonna happen. Why would the deep state go after their own operatives?

  8. What an absolute disgrace. America is a banana republic that now persecute political opponents. This was the work of a soros appointed DA.

  9. What an in-depth analysis of a complicated situation. We here applaud you for taking time out of your day and explaining this to us dumb simpletons.

  10. Only stupid right wingers want to ban it because they want to own the libs more than they care about the future of the internet.

  11. Please tell me more about what content people here want. I've only posted here for two years so what do I know?

  12. Biden and Trudeau probably sit down to pee too

  13. Trudeau def does. He also closes kitchen drawers with his hips.

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