1. Good. Human trafficking victims will be grateful for this, since they’re commonly forced into pornography against their will.

  2. I read somewhere that the pornhub owner is very reclusive and protective of his privacy, all while he exploits millions of women caught in trafficking or subjects of “revenge porn”

  3. You can watch porn all you want. Your language there is quite telling you already do.

  4. Because their loyalty lies with the trillion dollar propaganda machine

  5. So what happens when the girls start getting fitter from all that exercise? It will happen doing all that dancing every day.

  6. It doesn't really matter if you eat like a pig off stage

  7. Imagine the panic in the control room of his handlers when he just decides to walk away like that

  8. I'm just waiting until neurodivergant becomes the next slur and we have to invent ANOTHER new word lol

  9. I've used it as a slur multiple times already lol. I'm also neurodivergent.

  10. I could not care less about the flute. What I don't get is how this woman is famous. She's not a great singer or artist. She's not attractive. I don't see any real talent. She just seems trashy.

  11. This is why you can't critize Biden on maintstream Reddit. No matter how valid, it will be seen as an endorsement of Trump. Or someone from a "protected" group.

  12. You made it further than I did. The first ten minutes had me furious at how bad the writing was.

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