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  1. We also need to increase the salary for teachers so that more men will see it as a worthwhile career.

  2. Of course! I just think teacher's salaries, regardless of sex, need to improve. If you hang around

  3. I have two Chinese hammies (separate cages), and one of them just loves to chill in her sand bath. She especially likes to sit in there while she eats treats.

  4. Any job , any kind of job , have its place in our society

  5. Thank you! I have autism/ADHD, and there's a limited amount of the certain types of jobs I can reliability do.

  6. Head lice should be a stay home. Tonsillitis can be deadly if not treated properly.

  7. As a kid, I had chronic bronchitis, and I missed a crapton of school when I was little. A doctor even advised my parents, "Don't be surprised if one day she just doesn't wake up."

  8. You're a lazy bum who needs to put on their big boy panties and move out of your mom's basement. No one in your generation wants to work.

  9. And we won't actually pay you enough to move out of your parent's house.

  10. I'm a veteran with two Associate's degrees, so, I'd be qualified to be a teacher according to Florida.

  11. Pretty much if you are a millenial you are screwed and I say this as a millenial. We have seen the future promised us disappear like the mirage it was.

  12. Having been a teenager in the 90s, where everything was promised as long as you worked hard and pursued higher education, this hurts.

  13. I was a teenager later half of the 90s. I remember the spiel we were fed. Get good grades, go to college, get a good job, blah, blah, blah. Is it any wonder mental health problems are so prevalent in millenials? My mental health really began to tank in high-school and been in the shitter ever since. Personal issues resulted in dropping out of college yet still managed to rack up insane debt. Never have had a job that was worth anything. I think it was when 9/11 happened and all the crap that happened afterwards that I began to realize just how screwed my generation was going to be. No hope just depression until death.

  14. I'm 39 and I stock shelves at Walmart. You're not alone.

  15. Women are raised on empowerment and compliments and receive them from every angle. To the point they get offended when they receive one that isn’t timed well.

  16. Maybe men should start complimenting other men as opposed to waiting for women to do it.

  17. broken concept, men aren't complimented on their looks as often and aren't physically threatened by women so of course it wouldn't upset him. many women have been objectified by strange scary men in public since they became teenagers or even earlier so that discomfort sets in. i find it very stupid when men say Oh But I'd Love a Compliment Lol because of course, you didn't grow up with this and are far less likely to be assualted in that way. (yes i know this post is about a 'prank' i'm just making a point in general for people reading the comments).

  18. Asshole who crashed into the back of my car and totaled it was wearing a BRCC hat. Go figure.

  19. My 16 month old is AFAB because that’s what her chromosomes told us when we did blood testing. Every time someone asked me when I was pregnant about her gender, I either corrected them to her sex or said, “we’ll know when the kid tells us.” I’m queer and use she/they pronouns, and my husband is not entirely straight (he’s still figuring out his comfort level with the label queer). A lot of our loved ones are non-binary or trans, so we’ve definitely tried hard not to force gendered stuff on our kid. She wears mostly boys or gender neutral clothes, and she loves books and dump trucks. We have a fair number of board books about queer history and families. It’s super important to me that my kid understands that all gender identities are valid, and that queer family is incredibly important. I hope if someday my child discovers they’re trans, they are comfortable coming to me and my husband because we’ve always been upfront about how trans is beautiful and valued in this world.

  20. Whoever downvoted you is an ass. Here, have an updoot.

  21. It's sham medicine there's no good or bad sham medicine. This essentially boils down to you like the person or pity them enough to see them / pay them for what is essentially pats on the back. The basis of it is levels beyond astrology stupid. Or they are doing actual medicine and mixing it in with chiro which isnt a thing.

  22. A few months ago, I got into a wreck that totaled my car. The next day, the amount of chiropractors who called me selling their "services" was incredible. I've never had an actual doctor ring me to try and get me to buy crap.

  23. I'm sure I'll regret asking, but what the hell is a "chimpcell?"

  24. He doesn’t like the blue and white on the budgie belly... he said it looks sick cuz he's missing blue feathers, I told him he's wrong and that the belly is just having a color mix. But he doesn't believe me. He bought this bird like 3 weeks ago.. together with the budgie he also gave me his 3 cockatiels (if u look on my profile than u can see the cockatiels too, Jako is very tame and he didn't want him too) Now I have 5 more birds who came all in the same day... it's really full house over here, I'm happy with all the birds but I'm just very mad at my friend cuz he buy animals so impulsively like they are toys or something and when he doesn't want them anymore then he let them fly way (not the first time he did that) so I took them all

  25. Poor birds! At least they have you to give them a good home.

  26. This.. I've taken my kids on flights and felt so bad when they start crying and people start grumbling.

  27. I'm an autistic person with sensitive hearing. That's why I bring earbuds on planes so I can use them if any kids kick up a fuss. Not sure why so many other people seem unable to do that.

  28. Heinlein proposed putting male teenagers inside a barrel at 13, feeding them through the bunghole, since they are unfit for the world.

  29. Pretty sure my parents would've opted for that when I was 13! 😁

  30. Autism too. That's the drawback to people normalizing mental illness and making it less stigmatized. People are determined to find "the good" in things that are bad.

  31. Yeah, I went to school for being an EMT. I lasted three months on the job. My ADHD didn't help with squat.

  32. I got a dwarf hamster recently and I always stress out about posting pics bc I know they will attack me for not meeting the god lord Victoria’s standards…when my hamster is perfectly happy! How they love to spout numbers and forget the ‘as long as your hamster isn’t stressed’ and ‘every hamster is different’ advice. We’re gatekeeping hamsters now???! Also who is Victoria? She makes videos she’s not a biologist. What scientific sources does she share?

  33. 13 fine but I draw the line at 11 do you hear yourself hello??? This is still the START of puberty for many young girls you are no where near close to being a woman at 13 you gross fucks

  34. Youngest recorded female person to give birth was five. If these idiots are basing their standards on "puberty/fertility," then that means they're fine fucking five year olds.

  35. In my experience the men’s rooms tend to have a slight layer of grime and smell, I presume from the urinals, but you have a higher chance to walk into a fucking war zone of blood and piss if you open a stall in the women’s room.

  36. As someone who used to have a job that involved cleaning public restrooms l, I agree (and I'm a chick).

  37. I always respond with, "So, what exactly is an autistic person supposed to look like?"

  38. I'd rather teens come by my place for candy on Halloween rather than egg my car ..

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