1. Find a Close Trusted Friend that can keep a secret and talk to her about playing with him

  2. The first time he shot his load on her ass and it dripped down onto my shaft as I was fucking her. Very hot!

  3. Very Raw, Dirty, Naughty and 🔥 as Hell

  4. Nope doesn't turn this guy off but it does turn him ON

  5. I'm especially Turned On that your Married so then there is no emotional attachment.

  6. You might want to try Roleplaying where you are a stranger or her Ex. Blindfold her and have her call you a different name. You can also use a toy or wear a Sleeve so she can fantasize about another man

  7. That’s a really hot scenario. The woman stroking the single guy might feel a little intimidated, but she could be up for the challenge!

  8. Make it happen then cum back and tell us all the Dirty 🔥Details

  9. Only my wife’s bull plays bareback with her. With that said, both of the ladies enjoy being covered in cum

  10. Where did he end up Dumping his 🔥load of Cum on or In your Wife? Did she return messy and Used for you to Play with?

  11. He ended up pulling out and spraying his loan all over her ass! She did come back a hot mess - looking for more cock!

  12. It is so difficult to get a real one that not an OF Bullshit clip trying to get you to pay! Takes all the fun out of it

  13. Personally when I am with amother woman....it is the thing I crave doing with her more than anything else. So incredibly hot!

  14. Well said! You said its something you crave when with another Woman (Very 🔥BTW) but is it something You Crave to have done to You? Does it feel that good to be pounded and then Cleaned or is it more of a Head Trip thing? Like you said being that desired he doesn't care if another guy just Filled you with 🔥Cum?

  15. How did it get started and who's idea was it for you to Hotwife?

  16. I liked looking up and seeing a different man filling me up.

  17. I hate condoms and definitely prefer bare play...so we have always played with people we know and trust ad much as possible.

  18. What and how you just wrote that is "REDICULOUSLY 🔥" O My Good Your a Princess

  19. I'll drop a Load in her for you. Just leave her blindfoulded with me while you go to a Bill's game and try not to be distracted thinking about Dirty Things I am making her do

  20. Bring a few friends over and Gang Fuck her for hours and never take the Hood off so she never knows who or how many Used her Sluty Holes but she will know that will all be dripping with Cum

  21. Before I forget, she will be airtight and DVP as well. Hell I have never DAP a girl so maybe we will stick two Cocks up her Ass at the same time 😈

  22. I'm will send you home with Bruses on your Ass, Handprints on your Throat and across your Sluty face. And Cum in your Mouth Cunt and Asshole. You will walk in the door and bend over and show your husband the damage from how hard I Fucked his Whore. You will tell him all the Dirty Details about what i did to you. Then you will stand up and kiss him and then tell him how I Made you Tongue Fuck my Asshole & ask him if he "likes the taste of my Cum and Ass?" Maybe he will slap your face or maybe we will be so turned on he will Lick my Cum out of your 🔥Used Sore Cunt and Asshole.

  23. Your wife is 🔥. Tell me how did you get started and who's idea was it?

  24. If anything...my husbands positive attitude towards my kinks/drives and lack of judgements makes me feel even more strongly for him.

  25. So Hot and Dirty I Love it you Nasty Naughty Sexy Little Slut 😈

  26. Our best and longest lasting playmates have always been people we know.

  27. Completely agree and for all the same reasons I think close trusted Friends are the best way to go

  28. Only people we know its safer that way

  29. https://www.google.com/amp/s/calmlyliving.tumblr.com/post/630204544245202944/whore-contract/amp

  30. BTW I'm a Huge Hunter and I am in AZ chasing birds alot!!! Spend a lot of time in and around Whikeeup 😈 Not really Northern AZ but close

  31. You said you sit on your husband's face in front of the other guys. Is that after they have a Cum inside your Pussy? Do you make him Clean you? Do they all Clean You?

  32. Interesting. I feel like it's a mix of instinct and fetish.

  33. The preferred terminology is (digital) sex worker. I sort of agree with the sentiment though. Like the OP, nothing against sex workers but it somehow feels not like ‘genuine’ hotwifing or whatever. I am sure for them it started out that way, and they figured they could earn a couple or more bucks with it. It’s not for me but all the power to them.

  34. Agreed If that's what they want to do then do it but own it! So many are like "I want to share my journey with you, but you need to pay me to share it" Bullshit!!! Then it's the same format start with a hook up with someone they know, then a FFM threesome, then MMF threesome and build a following the start to charge. Then get a well known bull to fuck them, then fuck a black guy, then take on two or three guys at one..... and pump there OF Account along the way. "What do you think I should do next" or "if you want to see the full video subscribe for only $$$a month for the best content". Well your getting paid to fuck so your a whore/prostitute or whatever you want to call it. But dont kid yourself that's what you are because you charge people for it!!!

  35. Yeah he is like a brother so I know I can trust him with this situation. And we went no condoms as well because I know he is clean

  36. Awesome I'd love to hear more of the Dirty Details if you can share them (& I'll share mine as well) you can post here or DM me if you would like

  37. Same thing happened to us and it was Great! What made it better was he is a trusted friend that will always look out for her. Additionally since we are close he can go bareback because we know his status and he is always willing to test.

  38. Hot how often does she play? Do you have to know or can she bring you home a 🔥Used Cum Filled Surprise 😈

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