1. I've just started transitioning and have just hit a little over a year on testosterone. I'll be turning 20 this month and I'm one of the top students in my degree programs at OU. If this passes I'm genuinely going to look at transferring out of state, I just can't take the dysphoria of being off of HRT. It's helped me so much and to know it's about to be ripped away from me makes me fucking ill.

  2. One question: Has your dad every indicated that he was proud of you?

  3. I don't know how to explain it, but his praise always comes with some backhanded insult? Like he'll tell me I'm doing good, but then follow it up by telling me how easy all of the work I do is or how I may be having "fun in college" but will never be able to get a real job with my degree. I have a hard time stepping over the "I'm an adult and can do what I want" hurdle because I grew up in an abusive situation with my mom, so I always feel some mandatory obedience to my parents

  4. I'm torn on this myself. On the one hand, they show signs of being an autogynophile rather than actually trans, but on the other hand I remember them saying things early on in the geno series that sounded an awful lot like they were questioning their gender even back then. So... Who knows.

  5. That's really the point I'm at too. I've been relistening to the Geno series and hearing the early statements Chris makes about thinking they'd prefer to be a woman or feel more attached to womanhood makes me think their gender identity is probably, at least in part, genuine. As a trans man myself, there were times when I was younger that I'd be like "I want to get married wearing a suit" or "I prefer being seen as masculine" and I didn't really understand that these thoughts weren't necessarily normal for AFAB people to have. After learning what being trans was I realized I was trans. Chris is just an enigma and I don't think we'll ever be able to 100% tell like you've said.

  6. I love when yt people just slap colonialism onto anything they disagree with. My family is Iranian and are one of the last groups of traditional Iranian pagan practicioners. Traditionally, practicioners abstained from ALL animal derived products as a way to keep their bodies clean and pure for their practice. If a random Iranian from the 2nd century and before can be vegan, independent of white Influence, then how tf is veganism a colonialism thing???

  7. Omg I feel your pain. I wanted the bathroom set sooo bad that I bought an almost complete one on Mercari, only to spend like an extra 20-30 dollars finding the exact pieces that were missing. Went to Barnes & Nobles the next week and literally they were selling a brand new bathroom set for like 20 bucks ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

  8. THIS IS SUCH A COOL IDEA!!! I've never seen someone make their own critter before! I really like the outfit you made her! (≧▽≦)

  9. The vegan section being right next to the meat section in every supermarket 😬

  10. Even worse sometimes they have the vegan meat literally smack dab in the middle of the meat isle so then you have to walk past everything just to get some plant-based ground beef

  11. Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but when I used to hop trains I'd always stop at different gas stations like Loves or Shell, the showers ridiculously expensive, but often I was able to ask some drivers if they'd be willing to give me a free shower (at some gas stations they have a "buy x amount for gas and get a free shower" deal and lots of truckers would rack up like 3 showers a day and give one to me). Sometimes these places provide soap, most often not. You can get some soap samples at different stores, I also (and I DO NOT recommend this unless you are absolutely desperate cause it can make you very sick and hurt you) used to get those single tide pod samples from like Walmart and go into a shower with all of my belongings and break the tide pod on my bag of clothes and use any excess suds to wash myself. Again not the best plan but definitely something. Lots of truckers are nice and understanding people and would be happy to help you shower!

  12. Hey man, I'm really sorry you're going through this. I would be homeless in the summertime's as a kid since I couldn't travel overseas with my dad and my mom wouldn't let me stay with her. Some things I got really good at was associating myself with the area because a lot of places have free local pantries. I lived in a college town so there was a pantry on campus as well as a few outdoor community ones that people would restock every week or so, and I could usually find food like canned beans, noodles, and sometimes fresh fruit and greens too. I regularly stole multi-vitamins from places like Walgreens or if I had the cash I'd just buy them. I have really bad C-PTSD so I wasn't really trustful of people giving me food, but if you're able to have someone really nice offer you a meal you can usually ask to at least get something vegan from a non-vegan establishment. There's a taco bell on campus that I'd hang around and usually some kids parent would see me and offer to by me something. Also, side note, if you're in need of clothes for the upcoming winter, goodwill bins are a great place to go. It's pay per pound and the few times I was on the streets in winter I'd go and hang there all day and get myself some warm wear to live in and it was like dirt cheap. Just remember that you're gonna get through this and stay safe (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

  13. I mean, I knew I was trans right around when I went vegan. Coincidence? Apparently not.

  14. I am so very sorry for your loss. I had a GSD that this happened to, tho he survived the surgery and extensive recovery and lived for another 18 months. One thing I would advise you of, just for the future, is that bloat can’t really be predicted perfectly. Even a well bred, healthy, tested puppy can have it happen. The good news is that if you know you are working with a breed that is known to be a high bloat risk - those thin waisted, barrel-chested babies - you have options. Many many moons ago I had a Great Dane (roughly 1/3 of all cases of bloat happen in Danes), and when she was about a year and a half old, at the same time as her spaying, my vet did a laparoscopy and tacked the lower, unattached bit of stomach that is responsible for the flip to her ribs. It was a fairly quick, inexpensive procedure (since they did it with spaying, there wasn’t the separate charge or risk for more anesthesia and the OR costs and stuff, so alone it is probably as pricey as any other surgery), and it protected my girl from bloat. I got her from people I knew well, so I know that at least two dogs from her litter of 7 eventually bloated so I am inclined to feel like it was well worth it to have the gastric tack done.

  15. Thank you so much for your advice. She was a shelter dog originally, but she did have the "big barrel chest, small waist" body type. I was planning on taking her to a routine vet check up in two weeks, which would have been her first vet visit with me, which the vet probably would've told me then about the concerns for stomach flipping then.

  16. I know lots of people are saying to cut your hair, but I honestly think it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ your curls and the color are just chef's kiss. I think you look just fine, not creepy or ugly at all. Tbh literally anyone looks creepy/ugly with a straight scary face. Smiling and looking at ease are natural for people, and hence are what we look best doing!!! I think your smile is really cute too! You could get braces if you want to align your teeth, but that's expensive and honestly, I think little quirks like unique teeth are what make people really stand out and memorable!!! Overall you are 100% not ugly. I know it can be hard to be confident in yourself, but just remember you've gotta be your #1 supporter and that even if some people find fault in how you look/who you are, there's always going to be people out there that find you attractive and cool!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  17. I also have really bad social anxiety, and I also get help from my service animal too. Some things you might want to ask yourself is what tasks you want your dog to perform. For example my dog know DPT and is also being trained in crowd controlling (like circling me so people don't get to close or sitting behind me so people don't come up from behind me.)

  18. Along with fesenjān I'd recommend Ghormeh Sabzi. It's more of a winter food (it's made with dried greens and beans and meat, usually lamb or beef), but I like to have it year round!

  19. I know what you mean. I was committed to a mental hospital when I was like 13 for like no reason. Long story short, my mother was threatening to kidnap me and then to kill us both and I wrote a letter to my friend telling them if she did kidnap me I'd kill myself first. What was my school's psychologists response to this information? To make a big event where they brought several police cars to the school, put me in cuffs, and then drive me to a mental hospital. Meanwhile nothing happened to my mom.

  20. My dad helps me out a lot since he makes a lot of money. Other than that I work part time as a typist for a company. Since all I have to do is type they let me stay home and so I get to have a pretty ok income while not having to go out.

  21. That’s a pretty nice gig sounds awesome im so damn happy for you!

  22. I agree with what a lot of others are saying. I have social anxiety to the point I'm selectively mute. Im exposing my dog by just taking us to our local walking track and having lots of people (physically disabled, POC, children, etc.) Walk by us so she gets used to seeing all different types of people. Next I'm planning on moving her into more crowded spaces like local kids baseball games (lots of running, balls, people cheering, etc.) So she can get used to loud semi crowded areas where I still personally have the ability to easily leave and it's not too crowded for me.

  23. This is a little old of a post, but I definitely think you're very pretty!!!! I personally really like noses that are unique ▼・ᴥ・▼ I know that most people like button noses, but personally I think larger more boney noses since they are so identifiable and pretty! I think you look best with long hair because it helps add a frame to your face, but I also just personally prefer slightly long hair on any gender, so that just may be me! Also, I can't really tell you have a lazy eye, so it's not really a problem at all, but even if you could tell, there's not anything you can do about lazy eyes, and so it's best to just accept it and learn to focus on all the good and beautiful features you have!

  24. I am similar to you, except I have no job or school anymore. When I was there I would behave like you. People thought I was dumb.

  25. I feel like most people think I have some type of learning disorder too, or that I'm just mean. I'm sorry about people thinking that you were dumb :-(

  26. Whenever I talk too I have a hard time sounding "polite" to them. I don't have a high pitched voice so when I say something I think I sound rude or mean or I worry it makes the other person think I'm irritated or upset at them

  27. Yea it's similar for me too. I'm a boy but my voice is more high pitched and I feel like I always sound too nasally or tired and feel like people think my voice is annoying, or that I feel tired of them. I'm trying to get more used to being in public at the very least, so I'm gonna hold off on getting used to talking to people. It's really comforting to know someone feels the same as me, thank you for talking with me ▼・ᴥ・▼

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