1. Out of curiosity what is your high apr mortgage rate?

  2. Personally I'd take her out to dinner and bring up the fact that you have the money to pay her back in full and want to know how she wants to get the money. Break it up into the max to not pay gift tax? Etc. Payments each month? Who knows. I'd ask so she doesn't get a 250k check, have to pay income taxes and be annoyed

  3. I think this really is a pretty simple question and answer. Stop giving her money, let her figure it out. You'll be taking care of her for 20 years more if you keep it up

  4. If you only really get 6 to 8 inches of snow in a storm, I'm wondering if it's more beneficial to buy a front plow instead? It'd be cheaper and less long term to go wrong. Might be worth looking into? If your getting that little snow max and likely a lot of smaller storms with less snow, I think it's easier to plow say a small storm of 1 or 2 inches of heavy slush as compared to the snowblower?

  5. I agree, I have a 50" blower and it's only good on certain conditions. But in those conditions I'm glad I have it to use.

  6. Only thing I don't like about the rear blade is you need to have room to turn around and go past the end point in order to get there and you end up driving over and compacting some snow that makes cleanup a little messier. But it is nice in that it keeps the loader and bucket on but honestly, a quick attach ow with hydraulics is easy on easy off if needed same as if I need pallet forks in winter

  7. Keep it for at least the warranty period. Go to the garage and place it above the joists

  8. Lot of heavy hitters, but too much mainstream for me. Too many Daytonas. A collection should only need 1 Patek, no matter how big. As was already mentioned, add what YOU like.

  9. I came here to say this too. People are always asking what watches they should have to have the perfect collection. And then show a lineup of some very nice watches. I don't get it. Are you trying to make a collection others like or what you like? Sell the ones you don't like and get the ones you like OP, personally I think this lineup is extremely mainstream. It's what the typical "self proclaimed watch afficionado" would say is a perfect lineup. But what do you like and want?

  10. Im in my last year of schooling to be an electrician, so I’ve done everything I could possibly think of . That’s what brought me here because I was stumped and need outside opinions

  11. Gotchya. You say the whole first floor. Does this mean the rest doesn't? (Basement and second floor?) If that's the case it likely isn't a dropped leg or neutral be ausbeitd be the whole building.

  12. What's wrong with it other than being ugly? There is no original post. This is the only one.

  13. If you have to ask that question seriously then you should get an actual electrician to do your panel work

  14. Had an actual electrician install it in the first place, and it was done incorrectly. So I'm not really in the trusting mood to hire another. I know how it's supposed to be done and looks aren't everything. I just wanted a second look from some of you guys to verify it looks correct, functionality-wise.

  15. Look, I've seen worse, but the easy ones that jump at me first glance are that number 6 ground is sit between two holes. It's supposed to be in 1. If it doesn't fit (those bars usually take to a number 6) you need a ul listed add a lug. There's a wire, black one, with no wire nut in the lower right. That red wire nut in the neutral in the right side looks not twisted enough.

  16. This is obviously a joke. No one is dumb enough to spend $80k in 3 years to lease a $128k car. The only person that would do this is someone who is desperate to look cool but is paycheck to paycheck because they are trying to hard to look cool.

  17. I have a very similar driveway, and I'm shopping for a similar tracker.

  18. Personally not a fan. They are cheaper that's the pro. But remember you need to drive over whatever you want to process. So you need to make sure the snow is not too tall to get stuck and also you'll compact some making it nkt as clean and you'll have to have space to move farther past the snow line you want to go up to in order for the rear of the tractor and snowblower to get to it.

  19. Thanks, that was what I suspected, but it's nice to have more informed opinions

  20. Also remember, the wider the implement the more important it is to have a flatter terrain

  21. Were younger and don't eat out much and the two of us spend about $640 a month

  22. Adding hydraulic service ports to the back of the tractor can be done. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do correctly but it can be done without any major effort. No big deal.

  23. I disagree, a 3 pt backhoe is easier but they are known to stress the tractors frame and potentially crack it. It adds a lot more stress to the tractor than a designed subframe mounted backhoe. Also the backhoes on a subframe with hydraulic hookups are usually a much more powerful piece than the ones that are 3pt and run off the pto

  24. OP bought a tractor off the dealers lot simply because it was there. If they had thought that far ahead, they wouldn't be here asking us what to do now. Simpler and easier for them to use the three point and live with having made a bad decision.

  25. Sometimes you don't want simple and easier, especially when it comes to an investment like a tractor. It'll cost thousands either way. Having the dealer install the subframe (that's actually pretty easy to do yourself if your handy and have a torque wrench) and rear hydraulics hoses, is the better way to do it long term. If someone is on a budget buying a used already TLB would be the way to go anyway

  26. I'm a little confused on what your asking. It looks like the exhaust path is right there and goes out where you took the insert out. I'm assuming you haven't cleaned it yet be ause it's still dirty. Give all that a clean out. In the manual does it say to clean out the exhaust blower? If you can do that.

  27. Its 0% for 48mo, but I'm looking at the longer options to keep the payment lower.

  28. I'm not sure operating costs are lower. You still have to change fluids. Honestly look howany older tractors are out there with HST? It's a lot. Same with a car with CVT, as long as it's not made by Nissan which makes the worst CVT, the technology has been around since the 80s. Back to the HST, have you ever used one? I've got gear and HST, for loader work, backhoe work and driving around the HST is worlds better. I do like the gear for towing or plowing better but that's really it. The hst is just get on and go

  29. Hydrostatic units from kubota seem to be pretty reliable. I wouldn't take a car with a CVT for free.

  30. I've owned multiple CVT cars and they were all perfectly fine and I actually prefer them for their quiet and smith operation and mpg

  31. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. You can’t tell without a CO detector, which makes it scary subject matter. Buy yourself a $40-60 CO detector with digital readout and I think it’ll make you feel better about this…

  32. How is a 22 lb bag more convenient? You have to stack twice as many bags to have the equivalent pellet weight and also what's the $20? Per bag? I get my pellets local made for under $6 a bag delivered

  33. For OP and his wife, who has trouble lifting 40 pounds, it might be more convenient if she can handle 22 pounds, then unbagging 40 pound bags into another container and then scooping into the hopper.

  34. Oh yea that's a good point and yea $20 per ton is a good deal for someone who would benefit from the land bags.

  35. I think you will probably find that 8 acres will be too much for any sub compact. A lot of the compact line will also struggle with the bigger jobs. Personally, I would recommend something on the large end of compact.

  36. I agree definitely a sub compact is too small. With the buy a backhoe attachment vs rent an excavator, I think it all comes down to money vs time. I paid about $11k for the backhoe attachment with thumb for my tractor (it's a compact nkt subcompact) and I did this because over time it will be cheaper than renting a mini ex every project and time I need it. Sure, it's slower and not as good but it gets the job done, I don't have to worry about rental costs and delivery fees which get expensive. I can do a project on my own time. If I was digging for a house foundation thats different but digging trenches or stumps etc, i think owning the backhoe makes more sense.

  37. One of the biggest problems with a backhoe on any sub-compact, and most compacts for that matter, is that the tractor doesn't have the hydraulic capacity to run it. And a lot of times, tractors that small don't have service ports to plug a backhoe into...just for the reason that they don't have the hydraulic capacity.

  38. What do you mean service port to plug into? My compact tractor has 3 hydraulic lines going to the backhoe with quick connects and I can dig about 8 or so feet down and it has a seperate seat so you don't have to keep spinning it around . Sure it's not as quick as a mini ex but much more convenient and cheaper than always going and renting and it's perfect for stumps and ditches and stuff. I will say I wouldn't want it in a subcompact. My tractor weights about 6000 pounds with the loader, bucket and backhoe and the backhoe can pull the tractor if you want it too

  39. After I posted he responded, “Just to make it easy for both of us, I’ll write the check with the amount and have it sent to your email. All you have to do is to print out the check then you sign at the back and capture the front and back of the check through your bank app mobile check deposit. It’ll be easier and faster than sending through USPS, DHL or FedEx.” So I told him I’m not comfortable with accepting payment that way and that it’s really low to try and scam a small business.

  40. It was sketchy before but this obviously solidifies it

  41. Not for a long time. I NEED a gas or diesel mower. I could never mow with electric unless I spent a ton on batteries to keep swapping out while the others charge. And the batteries are expensive! It's easier to maintain a diesel or gas mower you don't have to worry about battery degradation over time

  42. You need more storage, in 2022 that's not enough to for nearly anything once the OS is in there

  43. Shouldn't be a problem, use watertight but connectors or the right size range, believe it's usually the blue ones, make sure you crimp it snug with the right crimper (insulated not uninsulated crimp die/ part of pliers) and heat shring that, and then heat shrink a cover over that. Remember to put the heat shrink tubing on the wire before crimping

  44. 157,000 miles, year 2013, no accidents, only recalls and at 10,000

  45. That price is crazy if you ask me. And although you say no accident and if you run the vin no accident...it could very well have been in one. That bumper has been repainted. For whatever reason, a scratch fix etc. It isn't the light reflecting differently. That's an easy giveaway to a repaint

  46. How much is meant when you say too much? If it's nkt that much it should dissipate in a week give or take.

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