1. Šo vajag kā šī džeka most up-voted komentu.


  3. vel atceros roltons maksaja 11 santimus un pēc pāriešanas uz eiro ~20centi :D

  4. hat - Aperture Labs Hard Hat (paint - Mann Co. Orange)

  5. As a Warhammer enthusiast, I appreciate the names and descriptions.Love the memes! And the loadout itself looks really good.

  6. Why does your scout look so feminine compared to mine despite the fact that only the shirt is different

  7. That's a really good cosplay and I think it fits the spy since you know... spycrab...

  8. the microgun looks sick as hell, a shoulder-mounted cannon, and it’s an original Overkill’s creation instead of based on any real weapons as well, a shame that it’s kinda sucky compared to any other AR

  9. Since you were playing so much zombie escape, can you suggest any particular server to play zombie escape on?

  10. Some of the otaku maps are just the same being unpolished, there are some good new maps on skial that other places are copying.

  11. Should probably tell him that it's from a mod (Calamity's Vanities).

  12. Oh yeah, I use that mod so often with calamity that I just accept it as a par of Calamity mod. 😅

  13. Infinite minions mod would be more accurate

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