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  1. I tried to impress a southern American, maybe I imagine them speaking much differently than they actually do

  2. Oh no. That was far too intelligible for the southern US. Have you ever listened to a cajun talk?

  3. Or at least within region, like Rutgers playing Villanova, Lehigh, or Lafayette. It's the ones like Florida is playing EWU this year that I don't get.

  4. Yeah. I think that all of our d1 schools are FBS. So I don’t mind having Arkansas Pine Bluff on the schedule.

  5. I looked several seconds asking myself whats forbidden here…

  6. I thought the sign was like the menu or something telling you what that store called it.

  7. FSU has an actual circus degree path because they are a clown college.

  8. My brothers all call UNT, my undergrad, "Central University of North Texas" for... Reasons...

  9. I was going to say "sharpen that dull thing", but then realized how absurdly dangerous that would be when actually sharp.

  10. Sharp blades are safer than dull blades. Especially when used for culinary purposes. Just make a leather sheath for when no in use.

  11. I’m not sure about the rest of us, but WVU is moonshine. The real deal stilled it themselves moonshine.

  12. I remember driving up to Waco for a party at our chapters house up there. We never fraternized with them before. As customary we each buy a case of beer to bring in and cash in case there is a keg or anything like that (we did shot blocks all the time).

  13. I think USC vs teams like Michigan and Ohio State will be fun to see and will be big time games, but will anyone care about USC vs Illinois? Or USC vs Rutgers? The answer is probably no, and I’d rather see USC playing against teams like Stanford, Arizona, Oregon etc.

  14. Michigan/Ohio State. I mean, how long can we continue to call this a “rivalry” when we’ve only won one game a decade for the past twenty years?

  15. It’s real for some people. My grandpa went from strong and driving tractors at 90, to hanging it up permanently at 91, to on his deathbed at 92.

  16. My Paw as well. He was a mechanic and owned a parts yard. Family forced him into retirement. He went from rebuilding transmissions to the grave in less than two years.

  17. This is not shitty food. This is delightful times, followed up by regret. Why.........why did I eat exactly 11 pounds of ocean meat?

  18. there’s not even an active grill they pre-cook a bunch of these hockey pucks and then bring them out lukewarm in a tupperware container 😥

  19. I like when Virginia/Wisconsin are good just because of how mad everyone gets about it

  20. Virginia’s championship run a few years ago is what made me a basketball fan. I always pull for them.

  21. Football is lame. Ready for the NBA season though

  22. I feel as if Okstate transitioned from a basketball focused school to football a few years after our last Final 4 appearance in 2004. Thanks T-Boone.

  23. You’re one of the few schools I (jealously) consider a “both” school. The fact we’re even having this debate is testament to that.

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