1. The Chinese are laughing their balls out of their pants. Their 2 main rivals are throwing all their military stuff at each other, giving China a better position and a good profit.

  2. What if Russia commits all of their air power as part of the offensive? Close air support could make all the difference. NATO should declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine and be prepared to shoot down Russian aircraft.

  3. I would guess that would result in Russia having no air power. I’d Occam’s razor it as if they could gain advantage leading to air supremacy and CAS they would. The flip side is if they lose pilots and planes thier ability to keep Ukraine from flying CAS goes down. So if they commit and they would give away the skies over the occupied parts of Ukraine to Ukraine

  4. does anyone know how they say “fuck around and find out” in Israel?

  5. Because it would mean 1000 abrams arrive in Ukraine with 200,000 us troops

  6. I think there’s some planners in the pentagon who got very hard reading this article

  7. Very sure the vessel will be escorted by US submarines, dont think the US would send something by chance!

  8. I don’t think people grok how short the Atlantic crossing from the eastern US to the Baltic is. This ship almost assuredly has the submarines you mention and is essentially under NATO air cover and overhead INT the whole way.

  9. Anyone know how to say “fuck around and find out” in Hebrew?

  10. Jokes on them NATO runs simulations of all types of attacks on hostile nations

  11. +1 to the belts and rings from KOTB and there’s a good amount of lvl21 gear there including the lifesealed boots and the arrowhead that’s not too boring to farm.

  12. If you still have an esos it’s good from 20 to 29, and it’s super easy to make now that shard/seal/scroll is out the window.

  13. I wouldnt place the two concepts (low SES and childfree) in the same category. If you had kids you’d be even more poor; that isn’t a picnic and generally increases stress, isolation and loneliness. You are just adding an additional stressor with a child

  14. Under appreciated comment, well done

  15. I’m in a similar boat as you and selected the K2 mind bender 85 over the 89ti

  16. How are you liking it so far? I’m learning this season and was considering the mindbender

  17. vzq says:

    Endgame character == dead or insane character.

  18. I’d expand on this a bit:

  19. They were to begin with. The same as Wagner were seconded regulars or ex VDV, Spetznaz. Wagner in Syria were all professionals. By the end of the war, the SS were recruiting whoever they could. Kinda like Wagner again.

  20. FIFY Wagner in Syria were all Professionals that got asshammered the second they tried to step up against an actual professional military

  21. They got asshammered when Mattis set a gigantic trap for them and the Kremlin sold them out. No infantry in the world would have coped any better.

  22. If they are to be considered professional military in the 21st century, an entity must have overhead intelligence, signals intelligence and combined arms doctrine.

  23. 1 Wizard/1 FvS. Shield Spell, and invis SLA, plus your choice of cheap trance and some more SP, and 2 points for two quite solid active attacks.

  24. What levels does one take the fvs and the monk?

  25. 18 Fighter, 1 Monk, 1 Fvs. THF With Ultimate Sun Stance and using Divine Will from Fvs. Kensei and Vistani.

  26. What levels does one take the fvs and the monk at? 1 and 2 or much later?

  27. If youve got martials ahead of you, why do you NOT want doublestrike? Thats like the best one to get for them.

  28. I’m unsure if and additional 3% double-strike is a better choice than dropping the CoQ cooldown to 20 sec I think

  29. We've all been led to believe that there are GRU units specialising in cyber warfare. The truth is probably much like the Russians much vaunted military - a facade. Ukraine has constantly shown themselves to be clever, adaptable and inventive so I truly hope this is an area they can cause Russia significant problems.

  30. they are really good at tricking boomers, once they have to do anythign that wasnt more or less scripted by the soviet union the RF is a farce.

  31. Ahh it seems you're referring to more a symbolic "war is won". I'm saying it would take a week or so to remove all russian troops and for a surrender by Russia to be signed. I don't consider a war won until its over and casualties are not being taken. My opinion comes from a family that's fought in every war since our revolution (except weirdly WW2). I 100% agree that after 12 hours it would largely be cleaning up, but I can almost promise Russia would still be fighting during its retreat and eventual surrender

  32. I don’t agree, the Russian Army isn’t the Red Army. It’s a fragile thing that will crumble very quickly: more like the Tsars army.

  33. Chelsea Wolfe and Blackwater Holylight 🤘🏻

  34. Russia deserves no modern considerations as combatants, They are a terrorist state and even their uniformed forces should be summarily executed as terrorists.

  35. If your slender with long limbs arcteryx fits really well

  36. Reddit is so tailorable that I don't see any of this. Don't wander into those areas.

  37. How do you define a solo hobby?

  38. If you haven’t touched SM, Fey or Cogs this life that’s a fair chunk of XP just there. Do it for science and let us know how it turns out! 👍

  39. All the evenstar sagas and quests. Basically running all of evenstar on FTB and then grabbing sagas was so much XP.

  40. Un cafe cafe bene is an amazing coffee drink

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