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  1. I worked for a newspaper publisher who insisted that any reports in the paper on car accidents ALWAYS include whether the occupants of the vehicle were wearing seatbelts. I thought this was a great public service to show how not wearing a seatbelt almost always resulted in death.

  2. The other argument was that you could be thrown free of the car wreck instead of trapped in it (eg if the car caught fire). Or that you could be trapped underwater if your car fell in it..

  3. Yes, there was a guy in my driver's Ed class that argued with the teacher about seat belts using that same reasoning that seat belts cause you to remain in the car where you would die if your vehicle caught fire -- you'd burn to death rather than be "safe" outside your vehicle. I heard from friends a few years later that he died in a car accident because he was thrown out of his vehicle at impact.

  4. Seriously I have coworkers that are buying houses now paying like 7.5+%. Just fucking insane. My wife and I just bought a new house last summer and we're at like 3.15% fixed. Just blows my mind how badly people are getting fucked.

  5. I’ve been looking into moving there the last two years because my goal is to become more fluent in Spanish. I’d originally looked at Spain but thought Peru because Lima seemed like a possible place that’s safe to stay, plus rainbow mountain and Machu Picchu I’d get to check all those off the list. I’m a single woman early 30’s and pretty short and small framed so my only worry was going and living alone. Were there accents different than those in Mexico/Latin America? In Argentina I found I couldn’t understand a thing the whole time I was there and it was strictly because of their accents. My friend from Ecuador was even having a bit of a language barrier as they called certain foods and things differently then the Spanish further north. Everytime I go to Mexico I can understand everyone just fine and I can speak Spanglish back but my Spanish professor said to learn quickly throw yourself in there so I’m trying to decide on a country to stay in for 3 months. May just end up doing Mexico because I’m familiar with a lot of areas.

  6. I've visited both Spain and Peru several times. While Peru has some very lovely scenery and interesting sites to see, I felt much safer in Spain.

  7. In Peru it seemed very racist. They would make cholo jokes like it was the n word but no one got offended about it.

  8. Looks like he's ready to play Angry Birds.

  9. I actually thought of the answer in 3 but went with something else!

  10. In general, words that end with -ed are not included in the Wordle word list.

  11. That would be the one that Junior dumped his wife and five kids to be with. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

  12. Yep, the same one who was previously married to California governor Gavin Newsom!

  13. It happened years ago! Used cars have been overpriced for almost a decade!

  14. Maybe even longer than that. Dealerships have made more selling used cars/vehicles than new ones for a long time now.

  15. We all know that isn't a requirement

  16. (I'm)So lucky. I'm (going to) shows (this) fell perfectly around the car

  17. And I thought it was supposed to be "So lucky I'm sure -- this fell perfectly around the car." But yours makes more sense.

  18. I agree but the progress isn't just socially though. It's the same reason people live longer lives now than they did a century ago -- that's why 40 is the new 35.

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