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Cop evades death

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Did somebody say 'Murica?


  1. That single slice of pizza is the size of a small pizza in any country apart from America!

  2. Of course, find anything to shit on Americans, this is Reddit at its finest. Come to the states and see how it’s really like you neck-bearded fuck. Not everything you see online about the US is how it actually is. But of course you’ll disagree and I’ll get downvoted.

  3. I appreciate you’re comment but you didn’t have to bring the orange idiot into this. But thanks?

  4. The USA is a giant country with MANY different cultures, this is obviously Southern white culture. I'm (I guess) Midwest white culture living in Iowa, my Mom would be puking in her grave if she saw this recipe. I work construction and had a job in Alabama that was a 14hr drive from Iowa... If you drove 14hrs from you city in your country were would you be?

  5. What’s the difference between a motorcyclist and a tube of astronaut food?

  6. What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?

  7. If I don’t think your favorite comedian is funny, does that mean they don’t tell jokes?

  8. Yeah cool car, now how about you go to a track instead of risking other people's lives on the highway with a Max speed of 120km/h?

  9. Found the person that only has fun watching Disney movies.

  10. The two girls with the dog on the right are like “eh, the Uber reply yet?”

  11. I lived in Omaha for twenty five years, they’re not rare.

  12. I’ll take a pic of my dick when I’m pissing? Because women don’t have dicks? But my sole observation of my dick will be proved wrong because this is Reddit.

  13. I honestly don’t think this mother/daughter combo was trying to be racist. Downvote me all you want but the mom brought her daughter to an Asian restaurant so they can experience authentic Asian cuisine. For all we know they are tourists from a place in America that doesn’t have a huge Asian population and have never seen an Asian person before, the mom might simply be explaining why Asian peoples eyes look different.

  14. Lol my weed guy back in high school, ‘03, drove this exact car, he only listened to Linkin Park and every bag he sold me smelled and tasted like Axe. I was lucky if I got two seeds in those purchases.

  15. This is the start of most “mass shootings” in America, change my mind.

  16. I think we all understand that this woman doesn’t owe anyone anything, but you are being ridiculous by trying to force the “it’s beautiful” onto everyone. I’m free to think that shit nasty as hell.

  17. She probably smells like literal clam, pass, but nice boobs.

  18. The tool that ran down the stairs when he could of gone the other side

  19. Oh idk, maybe someone running down the stairs that might be running late for work or a bus and didn’t realize or care that a couple of dudes were trying to make an internet video?

  20. People here have been saying great things about IHMVCU but beware of auto-pay with bills. All of our bills come out of my girlfriends checking account automatically which is bi-monthly. If the bill transactions for one day are more than twelve she cant use her debit card, the only way she can get cash is to physically go to a location and ask for cash with ID, which is usually the location on 53rd that operates after-hours.

  21. For some reason I feel like this happened in Indiana or Ohio, not sure why, but my hunch seems to think this.

  22. Why leave something to rot in a place it's not meant to be? That's oddly terrifying you think that's ok.

  23. It’s an abandoned building, I’m sure there’s far worse things in there than just a spoiled squash. Stop being a Debby Downer.

  24. He promised his wife dinner but forgot an ingredient, she said it was “fine” which drive him to rush to the store before getting murdered

  25. Relatable comment. Here’s an upvote and an award that I don’t have.

  26. This is what happens when anyone can get a gun... Everyone has a gun!!

  27. I’m a 37 year old white man from Iowa, I don’t own a gun, and have never been involved in a shooting… What’s your point?

  28. This is obviously not filmed in 2022 but you have no idea how much union laborers make in America . I’m six years in as a union electrician and make over $100k a year. Just because you see someone at a construction site wearing a high visibility vest and hard hat doesn’t mean they’re poor.

  29. I’m not inferring his poor? Did you read my original comment?

  30. All I'm saying is that the last sentence of your original comment (and your original comment as a whole) seems to imply that you think carpenters in 2022 can't afford to have a stay at home wife and take vacations once a year, which they definitely can.

  31. Kinda cool to know this isn’t a common car in the US, in Europe there has to be one of these on almost every block

  32. I live in Iowa and have been driving a ‘13 Focus for six years, hell my coworker drives a ‘14. I’ve even seen three ST’s and four RS’s in the metro are of around 100,000k that I live in. Focus’ are very common in the states.

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