1. It’s been sometime since I last watched Family Guy, yet I’ve seen posts and memes related to this scene a lot lately. Is this from an actual new episode or irks it just Reddit and elsewhere suddenly deciding to meme a random moment from an old episode?

  2. Depends on your defenition of "new"

  3. Another day of waiting 😔

  4. for trying to explain that the AR i am using has a built in surpressor and that i wasnt cheating for my conecealment to be low

  5. Verify files Uninstall all addons Uninstall, reinstall If those don't work, find the files online

  6. They are saying its fucked up that Mr Beast had to pay for 1000 peoples surgery since it is so expensive

  7. Chester Chomper in GW1

  8. My bad, I gotcha. In that case, those two skins should be available on the 31st of this month. 😊

  9. What makes you say the 31st of this month? Just wondering because its bren 2 years since they were released, I don't see why they would just randomly come back now out of nowhere

  10. Another user posted the Premium Shop schedule for January almost a month ago & it features skins for Mileena on the 29th & 31st.

  11. I was talking about Second to None and Sister Princess not being in the shop since December 2020

  12. The same guy that ”exposed” pyro?

  13. How can you ever betray Jarl Ballin'

  14. I really hate that my dad gave me a TON of toys like this when I was a kid, only God knows where these figures, the mini-keychain head scene builds and other items went because I was 8 and I wanted Boba Fett and Vader to have an adventure out into the sand pit

  15. Ive played on console since s2, where is this aimbot aim-assist at?

  16. Well, when you put your crosshairs over people you see how they stick to the person? Yeah thats aim assist. We don't have that on PC. So when you go flying past on your magical hammer and you pull off that "sick" shotgun headshot? That's the game aiming for you.

  17. I have never, never had aim assist that strong in a game before other than Apex.

  18. I got perma banned for repeating a thread that got deleted. The thread didn't violate any rules either, the mod simply didn't like it. I just wanted answers to something, I repeated it because I didn't get any useful replies. Contacted steam support and got unbanned.

  19. Same thing happened to me, never had support be that nice before lol

  20. I owe steam support big time. Couldn't get back into my account because I was without a pc for a few years, lost my 2FA master code, and I switched phones so the app got deleted. Honestly a perfect storm.

  21. Exact issue happened to me, had no PC for 2 years, same with phone because it got destroyed, master code got lost somewhere when moving in that time span too. Expected some long 6 hour support session to prove it was me but ended up taking less that 10 minutes. Feels weird to actually talk to support that cares

  22. What did you do to get it back? I'm in the folder but can't seem to find anything that gets my save back :(

  23. Gold Bars have no use other than a glitched icon in your storage that just takes up space until they got auto-deleted

  24. Seperate Art from the Artist

  25. Yes! Cuddle Team Leader is a favorite of mine too!

  26. ive spent too much money on their reskins lmao

  27. Why did you post this in "Idiots with guns" then get mad when people are calling them idiots?

  28. This happen to me once time with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. Craimed to be 99.9% caffiene free. I was up all night un able to sleep due to this packaging error. Bought the gemeric brand with no thing stated about caffiene on the box next time and I slept liek a babe.

  29. How small and skinny are you that a that miniscule amount would keep you up all night?

  30. geez i remember doing these for my mk11 chars lol

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