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  1. That NR400 is a collectors item. Don’t let it go. I wish I had it in black.

  2. Is it really? I think it's a great case but I decided on the AP201 hahaha. I love the more upright, compact stance and clean lines of the nr400 though. I actually like a 5.25 drive honestly as well.

  3. You should keep it even if you aren’t using it. It would be great for a kid’s first build.

  4. No, that part is important for stopping the pin going in too deep. If you crimp it the pins start poking out the far side. I made that mistake a lot starting out as well.

  5. Nice ragtime Lana Del Rey cover. Oh, and the PC is dope, too.

  6. Whoever founded that sub must be a handsome devil.

  7. Performance isn’t everything. If you’re happy with your build and comfortable with air coolers then that’s great. :) I don’t even do performance testing anymore.

  8. This sub is so perplexing to me. I’ve seen dozens of complaints about how the sub is full of bad ramen, but when someone like OP posts an absolutely gorgeous bowl and asks if it’s worth it, all the comments are about adding more toppings. I know this sub isn’t just one collective ideology, but… which do y’all want? This bowl should be 18-20 dollars MINIMUM.

  9. Sometimes westerners can undervalue a chintan because of their perceived simplicity. I know in Australia Tonkotsu ramen gets all the glory, and a lot of people don’t realise that a clean simple ramen can be a divine experience.

  10. It's a joke that everyone seems to think open air collects dust. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I’ve made 4 monuments and never had an issue. Nothing to trap the dust inside. Vacuum once every 6 months.

  12. Uses sketchy 3rd party connector.

  13. I’m not blaming the Nvidia for the melting. I’m waiting for Radeon because of the crazy prices and generally anti consumer behaviour. I’m also salty about EVGA, which is a personal reason.

  14. Great to see growth without the drama. For the 5k of newbies here's an old post for you.

  15. This list needs scrapping, then created a new lists based on size / MB Support. At the top should also be a list of the main recommended cases e.g. Sama IM01 (and its 10+ versions), Jonsbo D30/Gamemax Spark, Asus AP201, etc.

  16. Awesome. Make an excel spreadsheet with all the data points you want in a share folder and if it looks good I’ll in it to the top of the page.

  17. I find that running CPU heavy workload (cpu rendering) on an air cooler you get a lot of ramping noise unless you control fan ramp in the bios or with software. I’d use an aio if you find it annoying or consider something that is overkill and just run a fairly flat curve.

  18. I call bullshit. Setting up the CPU parameters in the BIOS correctly diminishes most fan ramp up with air cooler and longer workloads won't have a noticeable impact between air or liquid cooler except maybe 3-4 C° in temperature depending on the cooler.

  19. Obviously, OP should value other people’s experience as well.

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