1. I thought stadium club was on card autos this year? Still, amazing card

  2. In the regular stadium club release, paper autos are on card and chrome are stickers. In stadium club chrome as a separate release, chrome autos are on card

  3. Just out of curiosity, what type of value are you looking for on gallo?

  4. 2022 Topps series 1 Brett Gardner. Looking for Memorial Day, black, vintage stock, orange star

  5. I actually haven’t thought about it. I am, however, doing 1st edition.

  6. 1st edition has been really tough to find, a couple of the green /150 popped up but other than that only like 2 other parallels showed up and they were gone quickly

  7. Goddamn that ‘19 design looks so good in the various parallels

  8. For sure, I like the full card parallel designs like 2016-2019

  9. I left a comment saying error on price. Sorry for confusion

  10. Ohh gotcha, didn’t see the comment

  11. Can you ship Emmanuel Clase relic PWE?

  12. They don’t make em like they used to😕 2018 and 2019 were easily the best

  13. Was gonna send it to him on there. Do you know if he’s seen it yet?

  14. Yeah! You might have been looking only at the paper checklist, which includes Gold (1 per pack), White (#/225), and Red (1/1)

  15. Good to know, they look awesome man! I knew about all those except for the super so I guess I have something new to chase. The red 1/1 for Gardner sold back in the summer but I don’t believe the superfractor has surfaced yet

  16. That’s sick man. 2005 Bowman Draft is one of my all-time favorite sets. Do you have any of the 3 Gardner 1/1s from it then?

  17. I unfortunately do not, the red 1/1 that sold a few months ago went for $800 I think which is more than I can ever see myself spending on a card so doesn’t seem too realistic

  18. I didn’t know you were on this sub, I love your work man! I’ve been trying to get into customs myself and have learned a lot from your YouTube channel!

  19. This was easily my favorite part of the project 70 cards, this is awesome! I gotta get the jeter soon for sure

  20. Happen to get a Brett Gardner even if it’s bent?

  21. I’ll upvote cause you’re a good guy but I still hate the Astros😂

  22. Man I’m not sure about that auto… I guess things could be different in person but I’ve never seen his auto like that. I did see when it sold and I don’t think you paid much for it, but I unfortunately don’t think it’s real

  23. It’s okay. I appreciate the feedback; if it’s real, cool. If not, oh well I’ll buy another

  24. Looks like you got that one for $15, you can find some authentic Topps or panini Gardy autos for under $30 if you’re interested

  25. Finally someone else who does this😂 gives me a constant reminder to buy singles instead haha

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