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  1. This was the last one the shop had, also the 5th and last shop i called. first 4 had 0, the 5th place had 3 in stock. Other 2 were sold before i even showed up that same day so safe to say i was lucky to even get my hands on it. happy as all fucking hell that i did tho! ive had it 24 hrs so far and i absolutely love this thing.

  2. You can extend a session though by double tapping again after your session is going

  3. I'm seeing customs anywhere from $200-1200 right now! People are making some really cool things. But yeah, instagram hashtag search is clutch and gets ya directly to the artist!

  4. Start it in white and click 5x to enter the Easter egg boost mode that will blow your cock and balls off the clouds are so big. To this day, really the only time an erig has made me cough the hit was so big.

  5. I click it 3 times and it enters Easter egg mode...... finna click it 5 times to see if I go to the moon 🤣

  6. 9.7/10 so far. Wish there was more information about temps to cross reference with colors. And more information on battery. Other than that... shit bussin 💯

  7. Puffco's notoriously stingy w info. You'll learn more from online vendors, YouTube and reddit.

  8. Bummer, but love the community coming together to get us all 2damoon! Lol

  9. Get your chicken nuggies inside McDonald's, not the drive thru from here on out untill further notice. Thanks. - Retard Management

  10. Spicy nuggies are back bayyybayyyy:4276:

  11. Beto is a human, plants don't have eyes silly.

  12. And hey, flagging the piss out of your cat is just an added bonus.

  13. I'm glad someone recognized the humor hidden in this 😅

  14. Yeah that's true which seems like a very nice thing it was just a cheaper idea with a much shorter delivery time.

  15. I couldn't agree more. I use to practice with laser something or the other a random company that did laser bullets

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