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  1. After you feel sad, you feel angry, it’s easier to watch porn when you’re angry

  2. After KOTAR 2 there was supposed to be a third game and in my head canon Surik teams up with Revan to take down the the Sith Emperor and they all live happily ever after

  3. If they had done that, then where would the Sith Lineage of Darth Plaigues and Palpatine come from?

  4. After the killed Palpatine in the expanded universe the Sith came back. They either used Sith that we’re hidden or force ghosts so they defiantly could have come back somehow. Also they could have a Sith escape, I just would have liked for there to be a fulfilling end to Revan and Surik’s story.

  5. KOTAR. By far one of the best Star Wars stories ever told as well as best stories in general. Skyrim would probably be second

  6. I have a Marshadow code, do you have anything you would trade for it?

  7. Have a Volcanion(already redeemed), Eternatus(redeemed or code), and some Ash pokemon.

  8. Ronald Regan From trickledown economics, huge tax cuts to the wealthy elites, the failed war on drugs, selling weapons to terrorists, ignoring the aids epidemic, and allowing monopolies to flourish (which still exist to this day), most problems in the USA can be traced back to his presidency

  9. Does anyone know if Gimmie Ghoul chest form respawns? I accidentally killed a bunch and I am worried this will be a problem later

  10. Litten and Torracat are amazing but Decidueye is better than Inceneroar

  11. Litten is the reason I no longer avoid leaks. I used to avoid them religiously until after getting and playing the game. After the enormous letdown that was Incineroar, I now seek out leaks to make sure the starter I like doesn’t have a shit final evolution 😅

  12. For me it was the Hisuain Desidueye, I didn’t know their evolutions were different and was super disappointed

  13. Gotta go Geoff Johns’, not only one of the best green lantern runs, but one of the best comic runs. He also added all the other lantern cores which complete changed the mythos (I love Larffleeze and Atrocitus)

  14. I’ve read over 150 of the early marvel, I didn’t ever think I would read everything, but I wanted to get as much as I could if the originals

  15. Recently I’ve started appreciating Lickitounge. I used to hate him but recently I started to like him, he’s kinda cute I guess

  16. I really hope they do more of the Ultimate Marvel characters! Especially Thor

  17. If I’m right, the yellow suit either hadn’t been introduced to the comics or was brand new.

  18. Initially Sinestro made his own ring and there weren’t any other “corps”. It wasn’t until the 2000s that Geoff Johns gave Sinestro his own corp and with that his own yellow costume

  19. Will it still be shiny if the Lunala is shiny and the Necrozma is normal?

  20. Would you do 25 for Zamazenta, Mew, and Zeraora? (I wasn’t sure what you wanted for Zeraora)

  21. Would you do 25 for Zamazenta, Mew, and Zeraora? (I wasn’t sure what you wanted for Zeraora)

  22. I didn’t like Man of Steel or any of Zack Snyder’s versions of the character, but I’m willing to give Henry another chance

  23. Just finished the Pokédex! Now I’m looking for a shiny Lanula

  24. LF: Zamazenta and Shield Exclusives FT: Shield Exclusives and Dex Help

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