1. That’s how I’ve been feeling too, it’s not even like these recent leaks been special besides like real rap and psycho. Prefer to hear some new shit at this point

  2. true but i think somebody had to bully him into dropping or the building hype on tiktok was enoguh even for him to ignore

  3. I dont think he cares about hype considering there's quite a few other snippets throughout the years that have millions of views that he'll probably never drop

  4. wdym its totally real, theres a lot of detail and effort put into it frfr

  5. I mean it’s an answer to a question that could be solved in less than a minute by simply searching it up rather than relying on others for every nonsensical question you have.

  6. IMHO it's just the natural progression of the relationship between new tech being invented and jobs being replaced by that new tech. I'm just surprised it happened so quickly regarding graphic design.

  7. I'm taking real artists over ai any day, the human factor gives it life compared to the more lifeless feeling that ai art brings to me at least

  8. pretty sure uzi is on the right and not the censored guy

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but Trippie just dropped an album though, right? Sorry if it’s a stupid question

  10. Trippie was teasing A Love Letter To You 5 first before Mansion Musik so thats what a lot of people are looking forward to

  11. 100%. I wanna see him do more features tho, he need collab wit more people. I’d be crazy stoked to see him collab on some of Lone’s slower shit, Nudy, Gunna, Future, etc.

  12. he couldn’t collab with many artists and producers because he was sort of blacklisted iirc. Don’t know if that stuff is still going on

  13. he had beef with offset so a lot of rappers and producers don’t fw him

  14. interviewers tend to come off as awkward asf plus they always ask the same questions so I understand why artists like uzi dont do them

  15. Nah but Facts (I forgot you can’t talk shit about Carti in here)

  16. its almost like this is a sub for carti fans 🤔🤔🤔

  17. I do this about my gf a lot (or others sometimes) soooo you're not alone in this

  18. Do yall know how smart it would have been if he announced a release date at a drake show 😭

  19. Well that’s more like a personal opinion. I don’t necessarily believe in the devil it’s just what it perceives to the most of the public if you are wearing a devil symbol clearly you believe there is one 😂

  20. would be fire if the beat weren't so fruity

  21. I mean who knows the reason the rest of em sell

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