Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. Fast changing doesn't damage the battery (no proof of that exists)

  2. Fast charging also generates a lot of heat and temperature above 30 degree Celsius will damage your battery.

  3. Apple used mini led as well, also the old amoled Samsungs where trash, burn in and shit. Also the iPhones have Oled. They are always a bit behind, that’s true. The Color of the first Samsung amoleds was HORRIBLE

  4. why? i think they are wasting their time and money, not much to talk about.

  5. Many series/movies are generally unavailable at some point.

  6. This may be the case for you but for many others it is not and accordingly it is not a waste of time and money for them.

  7. I don't think that number gets over 50% in many places in Europe either.

  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism

  9. Maybe you should read your own link. The comment you replied to was not whataboutism.

  10. Bullshit, the highest paid players get 10 times more

  11. You can just turn the ads off you know? It's admittedly harder than it should be but not that hard.

  12. That doesn’t matter, it’s still a nogo and security risk.

  13. Plenty of people own guns in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, etc and they don't have school shootings every other month. The US has a lot of guns, which is obviously part of the problem, but it's clearly not the problem. There's rot in the culture.

  14. It clearly is THE problem, the whole world sees that, only Americans do not see that.

  15. Hmm wasnt this exact ama with the same pictures here before? Basically it was a cheap Only Fans promotion.

  16. i did an AMA years and years ago ive been asked a few times to do an updated one since my babies. Im putting a LOT of time into answering here and i havent even mentioned onlyfans sir.

  17. I'm sorry if you saw my post as a personal attack. Maybe I'm just getting old. However, I had the feeling to have read exactly the same post last year. Just like the story with the medical student, you told the same story last time so I was confused.

  18. 2 iPhones, 1 iPad, 1 MacBook Air, 2 AirPod Pros, 2 AirPod Maxes, 2 Apple Watches, 4 Apple TVs, 2 OG HomePods, 6 HomePod Minis, and 2 Gen2 HomePods being delivered tomorrow. Clearly I need help.

  19. Seems like you buy everything and not just the good apple products.

  20. That would be 1.8 million devices more

  21. I’m so happy that I don’t have to become old in America.

  22. 46% increase of 30% operational costs, of 8% of the overall business. They're fractions of fractions, not additive.

  23. Cops really have no clue what they’re gonna see when they start work in the morning

  24. The autocorrect didn't work, but you would have noticed that if you had more than two braincells. The second time I did it right :)

  25. No that’s just grammar nazi behaviour. It’s a difference if someone is too stupid or if the mistake happens „on the fly“.

  26. Agreed, but another factor is this is an average. I remember a saying about a man that drowned in a river with an average yearly depth of only 6 cm.

  27. and get worse with every generation. literally.

  28. What got worse compared to past generations?

  29. The notch usually only bothers people who do not own an iPhone themselves.

  30. Sure cause corporations do what they do, try making money.

  31. Lol „realty“, yep except for the harness and probably 1000 other safety features.

  32. As a Latin American living in Germany I miss so much unlimited GB for Social networks + WhatsApp.

  33. I’ve got unlimited data 500mbits for 30€

  34. If you are from Germany, what carrier? :D

  35. The typical hate comment under every post from apple.

  36. I don't give a shit about Apple, this is an obvious paid ad article and it should be removed

  37. Prove it and it probably will get removed.

  38. Burner thumb drive with kali Linux and tor browser on a library computer...if one was so inclined...

  39. Kali for what reason? I would go for tails.

  40. Step 1. Clean an already cleaned car Step 2. Fuck up all your displays and electronics Step 3. Profi??

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