1. Funny thing is you’re the pot calling the kettle if you really think that (bear with me, I’ll give you proof). Because what you are saying is in fact wrong and all of it is based on misinformation, a lack of knowledge, assumptions and tons of fallacies. But I get the feeling you don’t understand what a fallacy is, since you keep dodging bringing up new arguments that are not a fallacy. And I get the feeling you also don’t truly understand what mRNA is en what a vaccine is and how these two differ from each other. I also get the feeling you don’t understand it’s not experimental anymore when it hits the market because every drug on the market has to abide to a lot of experiments before it’s allowed to even be used in human trials, let alone stand hit the market.

  2. Why thank you Ms Maddow, I'm sure you will go on posting hundreds of studies, but just because mRNA technology has been around for a few decades doesn't mean it was tested on mass with millions of people. Now it has and we are seeing the blowback results from that. For many the has cure becomes more dangerous than the disease. A disease which most affected the elderly, obese and those with pre-existing conditions.

  3. Kuyi says:

    You are changing arguments on the fly. First mRNA was new. Now all of a sudden it’s new that it has been used en mass. You didn’t give me ONE argument that is based on a decent study and is not a fallacy. NOT ONE. You don’t have any strong argument. Not a single one. Everything you say is crap and based on nothing, just interpretations and assumptions. Oh and if I slap you with facts, you start to get personal. Which is also a fallacy.

  4. You are free to live in your fantasy world and be in denial believing you are quoting 'the facts', but your view of the world is simply veiled by untruths and falsehoods spoon fed to you. I'm sure if you sat in a Stephen Colbert audience you would be in heaven, lapping up the echo chamber nonsense, but this is reality.

  5. Some More New Youtube channel is a leftwing propaganda malicious satire channel. It pretends to be funny but like late night TV and SNL, but in reality is simply liberal Klan rhetoric for mindless woke drones.

  6. No, the Babylon Bee is actually Satire.

  7. Lol. That's a silly response. Hitler was a right wing, nationalist fascist who wanted to go to war and kill lots of people . Wef are taking about technology making farming more efficient in sub sarahan Africa.

  8. You didn't know that the head of the WEF's father was a Nazi collaborator? He was the managing director of a subsidiary of Zurich-based engineering firm Escher Wyss. He happily used slave labor during WWII.

  9. Absolute nonsense is your presence on this sub.

  10. "calling young men virgin raping planetary despoilers" in what alternative reality does JP live in?

  11. Why do you think men around the world are rushing to Dr Peterson for guidance? Why when he travels the world are there men and women who thank him everywhere he goes for saving their lives?

  12. What are you talking about? I've never tried to troll this sub or JP's message.

  13. It was modified to a Lobster when JP was drawn as Red Skull in a comic.

  14. What's that thing in his mouth? He's weird.

  15. It is called a Pipe, people used to smoke tobacco in them.

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