1. I can’t tell if ur talking about masks or the foam runners

  2. So either another pandemic or he actually drops?

  3. Or he just doesn’t drop anything new

  4. We don’t need him we have maupay

  5. Anyone giving away their yeezys hmu

  6. You listening about 6 hours a day everyday. Dayum

  7. The fact dj khaled and jack harlows albums are here is crazy

  8. Freeze my pinky, if you ever, 300 blackout

  9. He makes a good point but we watch movies who were likely made by pedos, like with that logic we would need to stop viewing any media from Hollywood pretty much

  10. The fact he’s so unpredictable with live performances. I wanna see him perform live so bad but he flakes so much now.

  11. We waited late to bring some key signings but I would say this was a good window

  12. Dropping processed foods helped me some, but definitely not a substantial amount. The person who said that most likely doesn’t even have ADHD, and if they do, they should realize not everyone’s the same

  13. Depends on the mood but overall runaway is a better song for me

  14. I’m sorry but I hate this. Like yeah we all know em can rap for days but why put that on Use this Gospel?

  15. Damon Thomas at number 5? Really?

  16. Been waiting years for a scooby doo and Pusha T collab

  17. If we accept we need a striker and attacking midfielder before Saturday.

  18. Baby I’m free - Like a homeless person

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