1. Just say this hard why the hate before a compliment 😭😭find love young nicca

  2. Wait wait I know I said sticc up for NJ. But kids are out of bounds.🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. lmaaooo not just this, she was telling them all about HP not lasting long enough for her... "GOTTA GIVE HER THAT MAARRAAATHOONN!!" 😂😂😂

  4. Don’t cap she was just saying what she liked after they asked the girls in the room she never even mentioned HP

  5. But you live…live to fight another day 😭

  6. Literally it’s like why y’all a “fan” of something y’all hate so much like I get holding people accountable but when another platform coming for NJ y’all supposed to unite not switch teams yall hoes fr

  7. I mean they live in California where they believe in sexualizing kids and only care about content so it’s not surprising. Still fucked up tho keep the kids out the shot.

  8. Nobody in they right mind believe in sexualizing a child tf wrong with you don’t put that on Cali weirdo

  9. Nobody from Cali is in their right mind unless they’re from Northern Cali where they have some sense🤷‍♂️ I mean look at all the schools in Cali telling kids it’s ok to be transgender and giving them sex changes and teaching sex Ed at 10 yrs old

  10. Please site your sources on this one 😭😭

  11. She is a delusional alcoholic, bitch said she eat pussy cuz her nigga like it but she not bi 😂

  12. Aye man it’s foos on here that argued me down saying housephone not gay even tho he fucced a transformer so shit I guess it’s a thing lol😭😭😭😭😭(HP still my dawg but he PAUSE!)

  13. Bro you’re crazy for this 😭😭😭you couldn’t just make a quick google search

  14. Shit they maintaining 12k live so it’s good enough lol

  15. How you obviously didn’t see when he first came in..so quick to hate lol

  16. Gotta start somewhere, doesn’t matter where in the timeline of human history we are, what’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong

  17. So you saying it’s ok that Adam outed HP because nobody should care if you gay or not right ?

  18. Adam didn't out anybody. If you're gonna talk about the situation you might as well be honest about it. It got out, it was a huge fuck up on Adams part, but Adam at no point said anything explicitly outing housephone, and he sure as shit hasn't said anything on whether housephone is or is not gay

  19. Just looked at ya profile you a GPS that’s why ya fighting so hard you got it bro 💯

  20. Blazzy claims he’s gone if HP is let’s see if he’s really a stand up dude 💯

  21. If HP Blazzy n Pot leave Yuriy has NO show Nicca gone have to leave anyways

  22. I just hope housephone gets on this nicca Adam heels💯

  23. How you not know AD before no jumper. I swear y’all don’t pay attention the culture. He had this in 2013. Y’all listen to that south gay shit.

  24. These niccas ain’t from LA or they 15 one or the other niccas know AD was like a nicca out year for a few years

  25. He ain’t no deuce he a sherm head 😭😭😭

  26. Lmao not to be on meat watch but trell went on record saying he was a solid 7”. I wonder what would happen if hypothetically all their sizes were made public. How would that change the dynamic of the shows?

  27. You Pause bro😭😭😭you shouldn’t have repeated that

  28. On gang n it’s still goin🕺🏾🕺🏾

  29. https://giphy.com/gifs/Fi8lYZQSnbfnNHqU1i

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