1. His happened to me too around age 20. Suddenly I couldn’t find into my old pants anymore despite weighing less because my hips had gotten so wide

  2. Re this comment section: I’ve always wondered if people care as much about the problems of unattractive women as they do with pretty women. I feel like theres so much perspective taking on the hardships of being pretty, but not the other way around.

  3. The amount of people insinuating that “ugly” women don’t get harassed or assaulted is insane.

  4. In some ways it’s mild because I live by myself and have been able to work full time even when off medications. I’ve had some pretty horrible and intense episodes though.

  5. “The work” isn’t even an actual, tangible thing. It’s just psychobabble code used by therapists to excuse their own incompetence when a client isn’t getting anything positive out of therapy.

  6. And at times when there is actual tangible “work” to do (cbt, dbt) you can do all the things you’re supposed to do but if they don’t get the desired result you’ll be blamed for doing them wrong

  7. Antipsychotics are particularly shitty medications but probably not worse than chemo tbh

  8. People have told me I seem standoffish, shy/anxious, overly serious and that my facial expressions don’t always match what I’m thinking/saying. I know people think I’m weird but most are too polite to comment on it.

  9. I have one friend I actually hang out with and for years I didn’t talk to anyone outside my family

  10. Eugenics is a buzzword right now. People will call virtually anything eugenics because they view it as such a trump card.

  11. Barely finished my senior year of high school, teachers basically just pity passed me to get me to graduate. Started community college twice and dropped out both times. It fucking sucks

  12. Sometimes I feel like people can literally hear what I’m thinking, sometimes (pretty much constantly) I feel like my thoughts influence the world or the world responds to my thoughts sometimes in really convoluted ways.

  13. Yeah I lived in multiple short term group living situations and it fucking sucked. You weren’t even allowed to leave the property more than once a week for three hours at one of them. It was fucked up.

  14. I feel like I go back and forth between self deserting and hypersensitive

  15. My mom legitimately has a terrible memory in general and my dad seems to selectively not remember anything that makes him look like the bad guy. So yes I have a lot of experiences like this

  16. I feel extremely detached from the world and to my “old” self. I’m 24 now, but this started in high school

  17. I haven’t really seen it as trendy the way did or autism are trendy but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. I do see a decent amount of people who identify with either the sz or sza but their experiences don’t really align with what those disorders typically entail. I don’t necessarily think those people are faking but they probably have something else and are inadvertently spreading misinformation.

  18. I feel the same way about a lot of stuff. It’s always there the difference is how much I notice/pay attention

  19. Even one of my friends - who is not an antinatalist - recently realized: "Ethically, before we bring any new children into existence, we should first adopt all those that don't have a family and a home."

  20. I think the reasons are 1 for most people adoption is a lot harder than having a biological child

  21. I was pretty shy as a kid with people I didn’t know and also from a pretty early age I was super cagey a lot of things. Like I remember being in elementary school and hating those “get to know you” activities we’d do at the beginning of the school year because I didn’t want to write down what my favorite food or tv show. I was always very easily humiliated. All that being said, things got significantly worse my freshman year of high school and have varied in severity since then.

  22. I think if you believe bringing people into the world without their consent is wrong then it naturally follows that you would be against actively violating the consent of people who want to leave the world. You don’t have to believe one to believe the other but I don’t think you can say they’re completely unrelated.

  23. Dying in public is awful and I don't think people consent to cleaning up your body and witnessing you fall and splatter on the ground.

  24. Yeah I agree no one should have to resort to jumping off a bridge and in an ideal world people would have access to less grisly methods if they really were determined to end it. Doesn’t really address my point though, which is that I don’t think suicide and antinatalism are unrelated

  25. Yeah I experience pretty pronounced anhedonia at times. (Schizophrenia)

  26. It makes sense that they would regret it on the way down. It happens for the same reason people find it hard to commit suicide in the first place, even if they really hate their life - survival instinct. Of course your brain is going to be screaming NOPE while you are falling to your death, even if you really want to die. There is no way anyone who is in the process of committing suicide isn't feeling this way, regardless of how much they want to die. It's just automatic.

  27. Right. It’s not actual “regret” it’s a short term instinctual survival response.

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