Wales 0 - [1] Iran - Roozbeh Cheshmi 90+9'

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  1. I’m just responding to your comment “No other teams government is killing children”.

  2. It is a really gross and honestly offensive false equivalency though. The US has an endemic systemic racism and police brutality problem, but it isn’t comparable to Iran. They didn’t kill over 400 people during the BLM protests, they didn’t refuse to hand over bodies to families, they don’t arrest journalists and artists for protesting, they don’t cut internet access to prevent spread of information.

  3. I’m so heartbroken. This is what happens when we play for the draw. I wish he hadn’t taken off Azmoun and hoped Taremi would actually go for goal instead of a foul. We waited 4 years for this. I guess it was never in our favour with the lack of support behind the team. It’s a shame this golden generation had to end like this, I hope to see big changes as we push for younger players in the next tournaments.

  4. Yeah I feel bad that this is how it ended for a lot of the players.

  5. Given the circumstances around this team and how many hate the players I expect 99% of this team to retire internationally before the Asian cup

  6. I definitely wouldn’t put it past Azmoun seeing as he retired after the last WC. Don’t know about the others though, I could see them continuing.

  7. Damn your being weird rn but alright.

  8. I’m being weird? Because I think the team should take responsibility for their poor performance?

  9. I'm not saying Iran did great or they performed amazing, I'm saying the fouls USA did were incomprehensible unnoticed

  10. Honestly, point me to a foul you think was missed except for that last VAR check? If anything, if the ref was more card-happy we’d have been down a man.

  11. I don’t think we’re ever getting out of the group stage

  12. We can definitely come back, but we need to regroup over half time and cause more problems for USA.

  13. They’re gonna have to really change, the US look so much better in every part of the game.

  14. Oh let us know what the vibe was like after, super curious how it's gonna go down lol

  15. Why does Roy Keane hate Queiroz so much

  16. I just hope we don't get absolutely thrashed tbh. It all feels very unpredictable.

  17. The US team sent a message of solidarity to the people of Iran. I don't think there will be any issues!

  18. I think if anything that maybe riled up the officials behind the scenes more lol

  19. I'm not saying the US helped, but I don't think they were a paragon of woman's or LGBTQ rights prior to the US's arrival

  20. Why make such a strong statement when you don't know the history?

  21. Hi, right now we are very divided on whether to support this team or not. We are mad at most players for not supporting the freedom movement in Iran. Hundreds of Iranians have been killed by the Islamic republic. But at the same time, it's our nation's team and we naturally have an emotional connection towards it. The majority of Iranian gen z don't care about the world cup right now. But the government is trying its best to use the WC to normalize the situation and Suppress the movements. We are a lost nation right now looking for freedom, very divided and have a cloudy future. Also its called FOOTBALL :)

  22. Same could be said about Iranian players. They dipped their toe into this by refusing to sing the anthem and then reverting back to singing their anthem a few days later after criticism/acclaim.

  23. They "dipped their toe" into protesting because the majority of the players have openly been on the protestors side before the WC started. They reverted back to singing the national anthem because they would have been threatened by the IR. It's a similar situation to the rock climber, Elnaz Rekabi, who competed without her hijab, was threatened behind the scenes, and then came out with a statement saying it was an accident and she was sorry.

  24. Props to the Iranian players. No one should have a beef with them. I do not take these “journalist” stooges as representing the players or the Iranian people.

  25. basically our social media admin posted a distorted version of the flag without the little Arab republic emblem bit in the middle as a means to support protestors and human rights without consulting anyone with our team, government, etc. then they deleted it.

  26. It’s not an Arab republic emblem, Iran isn’t Arab. It’s the national emblem which is a representation of the word allah.

  27. That is what he meant, people are just clutching at straws to be offended. CQ’s comments are a tad embarrassing.

  28. What’s embarrassing is your comment. I guess it’s in your culture(the way your brain thinks).

  29. We really can’t tolerate a difference in opinion huh

  30. There's no point trying to convince these people that they're on the protestor's side. Nothing is going to be enough.

  31. I don't know where people are getting the idea that they haven't previously said anything about the protests. Most of them have. Out of all of the players on the national team, only a couple have shown themselves to not be on the protestors side. Alongside instagram posts, a lot of the players wore black wristbands during their club games to show solidarity as well.

  32. Can someone explain to me if the England USA score is good for us, I’m dumb.

  33. If we beat USA or tie USA we're thorough. If we lose to USA, we're out unless a miracle happens between Wales and England.

  34. If we tie USA and wales beat England we’re out tho right?

  35. what are your thoughts on hasan piker… I despise him with a PASSION. but idk maybe he really is doing good things with the platform he has

  36. Can’t stand him. Even if I agree with something he’s saying he’s such a pretentious arse that it makes me want to disagree out of spite.

  37. No. Wales win and Iran draw and you’re out on GD.

  38. I said the game lulled English fans into a false sense of security. I was right lol

  39. lol you were right, had more faith in them than I did. Let's wait and see if they can do it again with the US..

  40. How? They're ranked 19th and 20th. Wales haven't been in a WC since the 50s.

  41. He even said that cheating is in the Iranian culture. Extremely awful take.

  42. Iranian gamesmanship was not outlandish or exaggerated. They highlighted a few accidental bumps for instance.

  43. I think saying everything is racist downplays when something is actually racist.

  44. I know people are currently protesting in Zahedan, I'm guessing nobody is celebrating the Iran win?

  45. Don't know tbh haven't spoken to my family, the internet is shite. Give it an hour or so and videos will start being posted.

  46. Can someone please find the clip of Sardar celebrating by strangling CQ, it was so funny lol

  47. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/z4cp86/reaction_from_iran_manager_and_bench_after_their/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  48. We talked so much shit lol. So much pressure and they did it!

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