1. Yeah, would love to play as Red Harlow again with next gen graphics

  2. The good thing is you can save these on the memory cards and later export them to a USB stick in photo lab. Grab one and go nuts!

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll try and do em when I get a USB stick!

  4. My guy just buy a usb stick an 16gb one is like 2$

  5. Bruh I just realized someone snapped her pinky finger 🤣

  6. Arthur pushes Dutch's foot and shoots the rat right in the dick and face 😂

  7. It was fun killing this thing with double Mausers with explosive rounds in dead eye, it's like using a gauntlet. 🤣

  8. Arthur got kicked in the face so it's understandable that he misses 3 hits in a row and block them punches with his face cause his head is fked up by a grown ass horse 😂

  9. The "huh" has become a meme between me and my lil brother for years. We would always add that "huh" if we have something stupid to say. This is one of my favorite missions just because of this line 🤣

  10. Eh that’s pushing it. I just don’t see mini-games and side activities being a thing in a GTA game.

  11. Why not? It's in GTA SA (pool, arcade games, mountain bike races) and GTA IV (bowling, pool, one arcade game, golf, darts, arm wrestling) and they removed some in GTA V, I think there was only golf tennis, marathons and darts but can't play pool even though there's a pool table in GTA V. They should add the knife game and other minigames from RDR2 too.

  12. I think they would if some people would stop buying their crappy re-releases and riot their HQ San Andreas style 😂

  13. I always had a hard time getting that panther because a dang gang would spawn in the woods sometimes... I had no idea one spanned by the little toy church until my last playthrough. So much easier to get one there because he can't hide in the shrubs lol

  14. Yup, both types. I used the marsh to get a little distance on them.... they stay aggro, but you can scan them safely from like 10m away lol

  15. Is there a certain time or do they just spawn both day and night? Cause there's a 2 and 3 star moose that only spawn from 12pm to 2pm near the reservation just outside of bounds, just need to put bait to let it come in bound so you can skin it.

  16. He's probably thinking about the quarter that he forgot to give to Dutch 🤣

  17. He discovered the one eternal truth, it really does that to everyone's face that discovers the truth cause they can't handle the truth.

  18. The way your titties are wiggling and your booty shaking like jello got me laughing on the floor 🤣

  19. Believe from Revival and Phenomenal for Southpaw are one of my underated favorites, it gives me the juice I needed when I feel low.

  20. My favorite game, the first game I bought on steam. Beat it like 4 times then I got bored so imma let it rest for a while before going for the 5th run.

  21. "I come from a place where the shit can get Shady, my chances were Slim. All my women was basic, we see different races since signing to Em." Boogie - Rainy Days

  22. Classic muscle and lowrider cars that's actually fast and has better handling/drifting system

  23. "Arthur broke it, we fix it" Charles to John on random camp interaction

  24. Those two worked on those two wagon wheels for like 6 weeks in my last playthrough. Just hammering away almost daily.

  25. If I recall correctly they were "fixing" it throughout the whole game 😂

  26. By gawd almighty! The impact of that devastating spear made me spill my BBQ sauce

  27. Arthur saying shit reminds of "shit indeed" after he shot Calloway 😂🤣😂🤣

  28. She got fast reflex, I woulda noped the fuck outta there with my phone mid air 🤣

  29. I would've hogtied him, leave him to be skinned alive by the murfree broods and sell his horse to a better owner 😂🤣😂🤣

  30. I hope they add the fat dude in swimming trunks with cement shoes in the middle of the ocean like VC 😂

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