1. Why "multi-sig" self-custody? Not sure where the multi-sig comes in for cold wallet

  2. The dogecoin supply growth rate is ~3.5% and bitcoin's is ~1.5%. That 2% difference is in the noise. What matters is adoption rates and utility. Doge is simple and tackles the purest utility, currency. I like the coin!

  3. The bloodiest veterans among us. 💯 🫡 🎺

  4. Some of us bought in at .65 and are triggered by this post.

  5. in terms of doge-btc, were about 1/2 way back to you guys. prepping the recovery rafts now

  6. The ledger holds the keys and can sign transactions. The node transfers transactions to other nodes and maintains a current blockchain. If you have a node, you can broadcast your own transactions. With a ledger, you use the device to sign transactions and then Ledger Live sends it to their node to broadcast to the network.

  7. Btc will be the most important coin forever🫡

  8. Your comparison is true but it’s a bad comparison. Bitcoins biggest climb in percent was way before doge was even created. Try comparing the first 5 years of both instead to get something more relevant

  9. the last FIVE YEARS feels pretty relevant to me

  10. that's my totally independently derived timeline too

  11. LTC has been moving value around for years with constant up time and low fees on its own decentralized pow blockchain. People are sleeping on the significance of the basic "currency" use case.

  12. If musk goes "all in on doge" and still hopes to become the first trillionaire "in dogecoin," then we go past $8.

  13. Same, but the new $8 meme just gave the meme coin a new, more aspirational, price meme. Doge to a dollar is so 2021.

  14. His crystal ball said.. "$8 doge for christmas"

  15. Eww. "Staking" bitcoin is no bueno. Not your keys, not your coins!

  16. These curves tell you how much Bitcoin you need, for a given income level, assuming you spend 4% per year in retirement.

  17. If you wanted to expose bitcoin as unsecure, cheap mining equipment and low btc prices are providing an opportunity to execute a 51% attack. A nation-state could force other miners to operate at a loss and potentially leave the pool. At 51% of the total hashrate, they get to start modifying transactions on the chain.

  18. Not only did he screw you by pumping doge. He continues to milk you guys with these over priced novelty products. Doge people are just like tesla people. He pounds your butt and you keep coming back for more you dirty nymphs.

  19. Whatever keeps the rockets lighting at apacex. Lets go!

  20. Any idiot who’s been paying attention knows they’re gonna keep jacking up rates until morons stop buying JPEGs and inflation is under control.

  21. This is a very interesting chart. Although, the main issue here is that using the 4% rule with bitcoin is very random and risky. That 4% rule was built with equities and bonds in mind, which are yield generating assets and have a long period of historical data to backtest assumptions.

  22. I agree. I just use this to align my expectations with what's possible

  23. You’re aligning your expectations by scaling the y axis so the first minor line is the ATH?!

  24. If someone's holding 0.5 btc and expecting to retire, this plot helps them appreciate the massive change in valuation that's required

  25. In traditional retirement planning, the 4% rule is used to estimate how much income you can draw from an asset. For instance, if you held a $1M portfolio of stocks and bonds, you could spend 4% ($40k) on living expenses every year. In historical cases, the remaining 96% grew enough to keep the account from depleting, in fact, it grew enough for the 4% to also keep up with inflation.

  26. Awesome explenation. What kind of tool did you use to create the image?

  27. Thank you. This is a plot that I generated from Python code

  28. Hmm, I ckecked the calculations of the graphs and have a feeling that those lines are not accurate/correct in regard of the labeled gains in quantity.

  29. Here's an explanation of the 4% rule by Forbes

  30. Retire on an $88k/yr salary.. Might want to pick out a Corvette instead

  31. Your submission has been flagged for removal because it pertains to general trading or market discussion, whereas

  32. It's just data showing the impact of inflation on purchasing power. Nothing to do with trading..

  33. USD issuance and manufacturing bottlenecks have caused the price of goods to increase. This plot shows the historical price of bitcoin, after adjusting for the present value of the dollar. Since the dollar is now worth less, the price of bitcoin needs to be higher than previous levels to reach an equivalent purchasing power.

  34. Agree. Those ratios tell us how much larger #1 is compared to #2. If the top two in PoW look like the top two in PoS, then doge would need to rise 4x.

  35. ETH went into a different category (PoS), so it's possible that doge moves up in value because of the pareto principle and doge's position as the 2nd largest PoW chain.

  36. Do you think doge/btc will catch ada/eth? Or will the gap remain? Having the title #2 PoW comes with some benefits.

  37. I really don’t think it matters even slightly.

  38. Yeah, the market is chaotic and who the heck knows what will happen, i get it. While we're just sitting here, living in the moment, coins in cold storage, do you think there will always be a bigger gap between the top two PoW coins, compared to the top two PoS coins? Because, if they equalize, doge gets a free 4x as a consequence of ethereum kindly leaving the PoW category. That's a fun thought.

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