1. if you have none I would advise creating a coinbase account. doing all of their things to get free coin. Then once you complete all those things convert altcoins to rvn

  2. I’m just mining it and went up 4x on a daily income 🤷🏻‍♂️ And I’m keeping those all that I mine not selling one of them or even trade.

  3. 2 points to consider , .1 you are on the internet and .2 you are on reddit. Just for poops and poodles why not let the new RavenKnights have their fun and let them grow into their final form. I have 4 mining rigs and the first one setting up was probably the most stressful. Everyone's got to stumble before they can walk.

  4. im running 8x rx470 4gb. It aint much but its honest work :D

  5. Why do you think it is recovering so quickly?

  6. if you ever watched BTC or other alt coins its all relative. the only coin unnaffected lately is ETH when btc dips.

  7. It’ll happen in no time :) I’m up to 5k raven. Imagine when rvn hits big

  8. I wish the same for you as well. have a wonderful day!

  9. Sold PCB, switches, and plate to

  10. :( I work in I.T. Before I knew about the mech keyboard we were instructed to clean out an old server room that was going to be demoed. I single-handedly threw away 40+ of these keyboards.

  11. I have and I have a few orders with them but the shipping is taking a little longer I’m wanting

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