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  1. Date older men. They already pissed a bunch of other women off and know how to act.

  2. Any message you were attempting to convey got destroyed by all of those icons. Please. Don't.

  3. Get over yourself. You know exactly what the fuck I said.

  4. No, really, your Fucking emoji make your stuff impossible to read.

  5. Pretend it’s real life and each emoji is me clapping in your face so you shut up and listen.

  6. He proceeds to state “And you wonder why we always (Hmmm. No, not always because you’re hitting up a 55 year old women) go for younger women. Forget it.”

  7. “Younger girls are fun because they’re inexperienced and easy to manipulate” is what I’m hearing.

  8. If you don’t know how babies are made, should you really have an opinion?

  9. Did I say I don't know how babies are made? No, I asked at what point in those 40 weeks does a fetus become a baby?

  10. You don’t understand any of this. You don’t understand the medical process. You don’t understand how a fetus develops. You don’t understand high risk pregnancies. You don’t understand that medical emergencies happen and even wanted babies need to be aborted. You don’t understand the physical tax pregnancy causes a woman. You don’t understand a single nuance about this issue. Or at least you pretend you don’t, because you hate women. I’m a married woman and I don’t even want to fuck my husband anymore, because what if I have an ectopic pregnancy? Death sentence. Preeclampsia? Death sentence. Any other medical emergency I can’t possibly foresee at this moment? DEATH SENTENCE.

  11. Is she literally trying to get The Internet to crowd-fund Photog Matt a cushy rest-of-life? Because it just makes me want to pay him to follow her around, like, all of the dias.

  12. Bullets don't decapitate people.. but to further point out your logic is unsound because you are advocating for a fictitious solution where guns just simply don't exist anymore. You're saying that private citizens shouldn't have guns, while also stating that the police should be nutured in their responses and could imagine you advocate for disarming the police entirely. Your vision of a perfect world will simply never exist. There's 340 million guns in private ownership in America. You would inherently need people will guns to disarm the people with guns. The guns won't simply just disappear. Uvalde was a tragedy, but it was worsened by the pusification of the police, which is a direct result of the Ferguson Effect. Are you even American? Do you even understand our culture? Guns are gonna be here, and never go away. Stop wishing the world was a safer place, become dangerous to stop the danger. Touch grass.

  13. A handgun won’t decapitate an adult, but weapons of war do, in fact, decapitate children.

  14. No, it's idiots like you that tell cops not to react to someone shooting at them and in turn allows a lunatic to rampage through a school while 19 cops stand back and say "If I do something I risk going to prison"

  15. Ehhhhhh. That guy’s an idiot, but so are you.

  16. To be fair, your "gdealer" scale may not be 100% accurate, either. We can't pretend that these 20-40 dollar scales are professional weighing tools. Even the "5 gram nickel" test isn't really going to prove your scale is accurate down to hundredths of a gram.

  17. The $9 Ooze scale I bought from Bloom is spot on every time. Scales are scales, it’s a simple machine. Buckeye Relief is corporate trash weed. Of course it’s under.

  18. Haha, and how do you know that your $9 ooze scale is "spot on every time" ? Which "non-corporate trash" grower do you prefer?

  19. I have lots of scales for weighing weed, food, and precious metals. Scales are scales. I got a dozen or more, take your pick. I promise you Buckeye Relief will never weigh what it’s supposed to on any scale on gods green earth, my friend.

  20. I feel bad for Ivana. A socialite and model who was the first wife to be abused by him, years of being cheated on (he reportedly lost all interest in her once she became pregnant), shit talked in the press by her husband amid the divorce endlessly, being raped by him and then having to deny the rape I presume to avoid Trump suing her into oblivion. He put her as CEO and interior designer of Trump Castle, and manager of The Plaza Hotel, I'm not sure how good she was in the jobs but from what I read she seemed to take it seriously. Kind of shitty she used his last name still, I can only think it would be how she could retain her lifestyle.

  21. Women keep men’s last names because they want to have the same last name as their children. “Used his last name.” Please. She earned it.

  22. Contact the company. They can’t refund you cash, but they will offer a visa gift card or venmo refund. This is the only brand of vapes I buy, and I’ve only had one that tasted off in 3 years. Normally they have a really gassy weed taste. It’s probably just from a weird grow.

  23. Are y’all taking like full 30 second hits till the light flashes and shit? Smoke it like a normal person and it won’t burn.

  24. It was an innocent question out of curiosity regarding a person who has already put every detail of their life in international media. 🙄 It wasn’t even asked to Amy directly. Chill.

  25. This discussion is a week old. I think you might be the one who needs a lesson in chill lmao

  26. It was ugly anyway. Let's just say he didn't have me in mind when he chose it.

  27. Somebody will find it with a metal detector one day, and it will finally bring someone joy.

  28. I’d listen to her. She’s the Lesbian Commander of Antifa.

  29. You seem happy to ignore the nuance of the situation. What is that, besides simplicity?

  30. Seen the news lately? Cops aren’t your friends.

  31. Given the severe staffing issues that CPD is having, I can guarantee you that there is intense pressure to work more hours, pick up extra shifts, etc. For all we know that officer is on their umpteenth shift in a row. As someome who works rotating shifts I can tell you that it can be exhausting. There are supposed to be rules in place to protect public safety personnel from overwork. Those are almost certainly being ignored or bruised to the point of breaking.

  32. I think technically half sisters are off the table, but close cousins aren't. And since it's generation after generation, close cousins are closer than normal genetically.

  33. If you watch the show Escaping Polygamy, there is an episode specifically about a boy born to to half siblings. It’s extremely common.

  34. I’ve watched a couple episodes. I will have to go back and watch the rest of them.

  35. It’s a great show! I highly recommend it.

  36. The Land is just a throwaway lyric from

  37. It’s the airport code. It’s far less dorky than The Land.

  38. A level 2 cultivator is required to operate in a 3,000 square foot facility. There is no legal amount allowed for home grow in Ohio.

  39. We don’t even have legal recreational pot here lol.

  40. I tried some Willie Nelson weed and it sucked and that made me very jaded when it comes to trusted celebrities putting their name on weed.

  41. No real pet peeves but I’m renaming Josiah to Jamboyant, Jinger to Jinseng, Jessa to Jealossa, Jana to Janarella obviously…. JD to Junky, Jed to Jabulous, Jer to Jonk and Jimbob to Jimblob. The others get a pass from me.

  42. It's one thing to have kids... it's another to purposely have more which you can not properly parent. Doesn't matter how much money you have to pay for stuff you still have to be there.

  43. Rich guys think all they have to do is be rich. They’re deadbeats at everything.

  44. I still think it was that congressman who's aide mysteriously died. For the first week of September it was the biggest news story in America.

  45. 16 year old me came home from high school on 9/11 and said “that Gary Condit really did it this time” and my crying mom yelled at me. Every time I see a “Gary condit did 9/11” joke I beam with pride.

  46. Margaret Sanger was literally born in the 1800s. This has nothing to do with the women of today.

  47. She still founded PP as a means of eugenics. You object to abortion being used for eugenics now, but that’s what it started out as for PP, and continues to be given the demographics of who uses their services.

  48. Botanical terps aren’t from weed. They’re from other things to make the oil flavored.

  49. Morton’s is Applebee’s for rich assholes.

  50. and i got downvoted for saying the reality of the world, youth don't vote nearly as much as older people and even though there are more youth, older people sway the vote and they don't have their finger on the pulse like young people do. but, you're right, we can't beat ignorance with logic.

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