1. However, you can message me on Etsy and we could work out a price if you like?

  2. i created an etsy today and they are up for £20

  3. thanks dude, i messaged you a link!

  4. this is dope i wanna get one also

  5. thank you so much, i messaged you a link!

  6. Pls make n sell me some juice ones n maybe some other artists do u do custom orders or would you??

  7. i could possibly do custom artists yes, i’ll get back to you when my etsy is opened up

  8. it isn’t a font it’s custom typography

  9. Im pretty sure they advertised for it in the game before the game was out, I bought it mostly for 2rd person but I kinda remember that them confirming gunfight was one of the reason too

  10. @74juro but i don’t post there often

  11. can you follow me back, my names Bën

  12. followed you 👍 the names Bën

  13. I need to get a computer first :skull:

  14. ask for a laptop for your birthday my brother, best investment you can make!

  15. Financial state isn't good rn. Not that it bothers me too much though. I'll get one in uni maybe

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