1. Definitely Bring Back The King Baby and his BROOMSTICK

  2. I have their Layer Cake strain right now and it's so harsh it's almost impossible to vape I myself will not buy from this company again

  3. 513-857-5025 You did not get scammed they are legit you probably just called them at a busy time call back and I'm sure they'll get you set up.

  4. Modified and Frosted Kush are both kinda new for S&S ..Sunset Octane was really good when I got it ..

  5. I ended up getting the Meat pie strain from Classix which is decent for the price and the last time I got Tyson it was trash. Thanks though

  6. I'd go with Modified Fruit , Frosted Kush or the Cremesicle from Seed & Strain ..It's a Columbia Care brand along with the ones you asked about

  7. They don't have the Modified Fruit or the Frosted Kush but they did have these 3s' and those listed above and I tried their Creamsicle, Papa Don, Sunset Octane and the Sunset Octane was the better of the 3

  8. I got rid of my card because it costs too much. I'm California the prices were a third of what I pay here. I just switched to D8. Not cheaper really but at least I don't have to pay for a card too.

  9. Yeah I've had my card in California and Colorado and both places offer better products at wayyyy cheaper prices

  10. For my part I think you know the answers to your questions. But Pure Ohio Wellness cannabis might work on someone new to cannabis but to more experience users their products are trash I don't care how cheap their products are if their not effective then their useless which would be a waste of money for us. Bottom line P.O.W. grow better quality medicine.

  11. Fucking pussy blindsiding him with brass knuckles hey bitch go back home and suck on you momma's titties sum more because you clearly have no balls or guts

  12. These are going to be the worlds population by 2050 mankind will be annihilated by war

  13. Man I knew someone was gonna say it 😅 thanks though! it’s my daily driver. I’ve been looking into vaporizers but I can’t find a happy medium between a cheap knock off or something that costs my monthly car payment

  14. Look into the Firefly plus 2 you can always get them on sale and it blows my Mighty away

  15. Only person I know on Reddit because of the names is OhioCannabislive

  16. Yes there should be, so these individuals that have themselves as marijuana advocate must be just a name

  17. Wow really, it sucks right….. what makes people think that they have the right to do that type of crap. Honestly, if I had attacked them and then they did that to get their own back on me, it’s still not right but at least it would have been provoked.

  18. I myself have been stabbed 14 times during my life time mostly in fights but 2 of them I was just walking home as well on one a man was walking towards me and all of a sudden starts attacking me which ended up with a knife in my forearm the second time I was walking home and these 2 individuals were driving by and thew a bottle a my head of course I cursed at them and then 1 got out with a butcher knife a stabbed me in the leg but he was going for my side. I have no idea what drives people vto do such things but Im an individual who will fight back.

  19. Same here dude, I fought back. I got one of them to the floor and was punching them in their face until the other one pushed me off. Lucky only one of them had a knife right….

  20. Stay true. Don't take crap. God Bless and stay safe because we live in a crazy world these days

  21. The Catholic church is the great false church in the bible their a bunch of sick wannabes

  22. Try cleaning the connections on the pod and the luster battery with a lightly coated alcohol Qtip do not soak it there is usually a little piece of something not letting it make a connection

  23. Man that sucks they raised the price. They were $100 at rise and then overnight they changed the price. This program is lame.

  24. Yeah popularity causes the prices to increase just as well as before sales do

  25. I myself love their O43 but over 5% of terpenes from them I just don't believe

  26. Not Ohio. DeWine and the rest of the Republicans have too many railroad tracks to make sure fail to worry about medicines. They (like Texas) have had Decades of total control yet blame (D)s for the problems that they themselves have created.

  27. It's ridiculous that republicans and democrats do this and mostly all of them bicker and disagree just to thwart one another's ideas/plans it's like watching/hearing little kids fighting over candy

  28. Yeah, it won’t happen here. Even if we vote on it chances are Dewine will veto the legislation.. because you know, Republicans are the party of “freedom”, “deregulation” and “small government”.

  29. Bottom line he's ignorant to the cause people fear what they don't know which is just shameful on their part he doesn't care that it could help so many people he just wants people to stay on pills and alcohol so they can line his pockets in gold from their funding to him

  30. 100% fact I myself quit cigarettes a little over 2 years ago after smoking them for 39 years and it was the hardest addiction I have ever tried to quit from imo cigarettes should outlawed as well as alcohol they have a saying that cannabis was the devil's lettuce which is bs because GOD created it but alcohol is definitely called the devil's juice

  31. Praying for the LORD to guide you on an righteous path and to repell the evil away from your presence

  32. Who has there product)flower) near Cleveland I cant find any place

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