Policing in America: A legally blind man was walking back from jury duty when Columbia County Florida Sheriffs wrongfully mistook his walking stick for a weapon. When he insisted he would file a complaint the officers decided to arrest him in retaliation.

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  1. Have you gotten your check yet? Our timelines were about the same but I still haven't received a check :(

  2. I did a week later. I was nagging them constantly. I'd call them and nag, I'm sorry :(

  3. I requested a refund on September 20. My balance updated today. The gentleman I spoke with on 9/20 said to expect someone to reach out in order to confirm the request, but I received neither a call nor any email. I was also told the refund would be coming in the form of a check, for which I'm still waiting.

  4. The only email was telling me it was denied. But they also updated my balance today. Waiting on the check now!

  5. Does he also peep in people's windows of where they live and yell at them for breastfeeding?

  6. I felt this in my soul. My parents live near Columbus and my dad isn't doing so well health-wise, so we're having a small backyard wedding in their yard next weekend. We don't live there but we've visited in November and usually the weather is pretty mild at least until Thanksgiving. Next weekend? As you know, we'll be lucky if it reaches 55 degrees, and we might get rained on. We scrambled and managed to rent a patio heater and tent walls (originally we didn't want tent walls for the tent we rented but with a threat of rain, it feels like the right thing to do).

  7. It was actually 60 degrees but a downpour. We got rain in our picture and our officiant lent us her umbrella to get a picture with the tree (big ass tree with ivy in the background) My lovely husband thought to put fake ivy on our patio since we couldn't be right next to the tree. Overall great and can't wait for the rest of our pictures to come out!

  8. I wish I did! I’m having surgery in July so hoping to find out what’s up then. In my own mind, I’m split between some sort of referred pain theory or the fact that there’s a lot going on with that side that just doesn’t show up on imaging. Bah.

  9. Did you ever find out what was happening? I'm having the same situation as op!

  10. hey! i did discover through pelvic floor therapy that a ligament (or something like that) on the inside of my left thigh is super, super tight, and all things being connected, causes muscle spasms where it meets along the pelvic wall. so i think that may be it … ligament could be tight because of endo OR bc i was a swimmer for a long time and definitely sprained my groin doing breaststroke once 😬

  11. Ahh good to know! Best of luck with pf therapy!

  12. I have had multiple hemmoraghic cysts (separate from my ruptured cysts). Absolute hell each time, multiple trips to the ER, and some were smaller than yours. Excruciating, debilitating pain. For one of them I had such severe back pain I felt partially paralyzed (was told "sometimes you feel them in your back first").

  13. Well before I ever started birth control, I would have debilitating pain on day one of my periods, not every period but probably 4-5 in a year. I would faint, vomit, it was hard to breathe because the pain was so bad (I had no access to a doctor as a kid/teenager). Since starting birth control 12 years ago, I have had an episode like this three times, once being yesterday.

  14. I had the worst time on the mini pill it gave me awful acne and I had more cysts

  15. Great 🙃 they don't want me on the regular pill due to aura migraines, sorry to hear that

  16. Surprised they didn't shoot him when he pulled it out to show them.

  17. Maybe because she knew she was wrong and it wasn't a gun. She wasn't worried. Being white helps too

  18. Inviting friends is ok. Im in a similar position to you, Im planing to invite family + friends but my future spouse is only going to invite family. For us it happens to work out pretty even numbers wise... But the real reason is that I am much closer with friends and my partner is really close with their family. We both want to invite the most important ppl in our life to join us. I think if there are more ppl there for you that is ok as long as you talk to your fiancee and they are cool with it (or you encourage them to invite a few friends and they decline).

  19. We decided to only do family but then we've also decided to do a small reception/party the next day and will invite friends there!

  20. I had planned and unplanned our wedding so many times due to covid that at one point I was completely over it. I invited my immediate family and absolute best friend (I have a ton of close friends but opted not invite them because at that point, I would be organizing another wedding). My husband invited his immediate family + best friends (unfortunately they couldn't make it). We had upset relatives and friends but in general, everyone was happy that we were finally married haha

  21. I'm so glad it worked out! I think I wouldn't be in a dilemma if he wanted to invite his friends but he says they don't like weddings and ours will be so short he doesn't want to bother them, I've met his friends, they definitely don't like weddings so I'm not offended at all.

  22. Did you find anything else out? I was also told I had a hemorrhagic cyst while suspecting endo, though mine was 3.5 mm.

  23. Hey. The cyst decreased in size. The obgyn I ended up seeing wanted to put me on birth control to decrease the chances I’d have more, which I refused - I’m at high risk for stroke because of my history of migraines. Also my sister just had an ocular stroke after giving birth in June - she’s only 26… so no birth control for me. They said that if I wanted to pursue looking for endo, I’d have to have surgery but I honestly can’t afford it. I’m paying $1200+ worth of medical bills from the two pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds I had to check on this cyst. I don’t need or want to add to that. Wishing you all the best.

  24. I'm also at risk for stroke, I have aura migraines so they took me off the regular pill. She put me on the mini pill for my cyst, it's better for at risk stroke people.

  25. I took my husband's last name so my initials spell ASS. My mom was pretty annoyed about it but my dad thought it was excellent.

  26. So YOURE the one always in the high scores at the arcade?

  27. I got em on my eyebrows too girl but I’m not complaining bc it doesn’t kill me if I don’t pluck em yk

  28. Yeah I get it lol I always thought it was like a sign of a thyroid issue so I thought I'd see if anyone else has em!

  29. Bleached eyebrows are trending now! You're in style 💅

  30. 1985 Volkswagen golf. I saw one that was mint colored when I was in college and fell in love lol I love boxy cars

  31. Nope, it's a ceiling beam. But there's another wall with the same layers of wallpaper. I've only started on the beam though.

  32. I'm slightly jealous! I requested mine the same day as you, 08/24 and then they denied my refund stating I "didn't fully approve that my loans would be reinstated" (which is dumb because they made me say I understood like three times) and now I'm waiting again after requesting a refund for a second time on 09/19 :(

  33. Literally went to the ER this week thinking I had appendicitis and it was a 8cm hollow cyst in my right ovary.

  34. I had a friend who has had many cysts rupture and walked into the ER thinking it was a small route but it was actually appendicitis. She said the cysts were worse in pain.

  35. Yes. Keep an eye on it. If it’s causing you so much pain you’re crying get another ultrasound. They can grow large. One thing to be aware of is the possibility of torsion. If you fall over from pain It might be a rupture and you need to go to ER. You will know… I’ve been there before, it’s nothing to ignore.

  36. My pain is no where near that bad. It's just near constant burning and sometimes sharp. I'll definitely keep checking on it though!

  37. It's trying to teach the difference between cómo están and cómo son.

  38. I think I see what you mean. Its very subtle, at least for me as I would use the English phrases interchangeably I think. Thank you!

  39. Cades Cove. They close the loop road to Vehicles on Wednesdays and you can bike it. This starts in March I believe but the exact dates will be on the website. Just did it this past week - was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. There are hikes off of the road that you can do as well.

  40. I went at the end of March/early April and it wasn’t rainy at all, but there was snow on some of the higher elevation trails. I think some of the roads had just reopened and I know the Roaring Fork road was still closed due to snow. But it was still a great time! It was fairly crowded though, not sure if that’s usual or just because it was spring break. Off the top of my head we did:

  41. Would you mind posting a “yes” or “no” as to whether they are able to see anything with the MRI after you’ve gotten it done?

  42. The answer is still currently "I don't know". Their wording for the findings of my MRI are so confusing and I have to wait til next month for my follow up 🙃 they said they saw a hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary (which is frustrating as I have all my pain on my right side) but worded it "favored to be a hemorrhagic cyst although on ovarian endometrioma would have a similar appearance." I'll continue to update!

  43. Just had an MRI at the Clinic, so glad I had it the proves I don't have fluid in my tubes but I do have adenomyosis. No one ever mentioned adeno to me before. I'm thinking of having surgery there. Who is your doctor??

  44. I'm seeing Uy Kroh. No one has mention adenomyosis to me either but it's looking like if I do have endo it's on bowels and possibly bladder.

  45. Both my dermatologist and hairdresser have told me that 100 hairs per day is normal hair loss..

  46. Yes per day. My shower was ten minutes lol I lose much more than this in a day, this was just a couple swipes through my hair in the shower.

  47. I could single handedly source wigs for all of Locks of Love after wa5ch shower

  48. My whole hair texture has changed and it looks thin since being on the pill. Before I had a full head of curly hair!

  49. Now I really want to see a photo of your dress! Or at least the Amazon page for it if you don’t mind sharing. :)

  50. https://www.amazon.com/Dantiya-Womens-Sleeve-Elegant-Zipper/dp/B012JN2CQU/ref=mp_s_a_1_20?keywords=All+White+Tea+Length+Dresses&qid=1663358805&sr=8-20

  51. I always assumed it was so the designer could sell more gowns. If I'm a size x but your only dress in that size is too short for me then I can't buy it. Every dress can be shortened but not lengthened.

  52. It could be yeah, not something I had thought that!

  53. For me and mines 9 year anniversary, I got him a customer reel viewer with old pictures of us. And you can buy more reels for future gifts!

  54. Yes, the industry has been very predatory in that way, in that they rely on the labor of women who think they can afford to be paid far less than the value of their work, or women who feel they aren't yet able or experienced enough to value themselves more.

  55. I love this answer. It's so sad and true

  56. You could use nail vinyls or stickers to get the perfect half moon shape. Paint your nails the color you want the moon to be, then apply a quick dry top coat and let it fully dry. Then place a curved or circle sticker at the base of your nail and paint a different color over the end of it

  57. I was trying to find a way around it but I found that bandaids have too strong of a hold to use as a stencil. I caved and bought french tip stickers that I'll use upside down :) thank you

  58. We'd use a whiteboard and checked everyone every two hours

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