1. Ya'll must be going to Michigan lol.. I've been a card holder for two years, I have a closet full of empty jars from every cultivator in the game, and never have I seen one less than 2.7 grams. When you go to a pharmacy, they are pretty precise about counting your pills and very selfdom do they fuck up. The fluctuation or "tolerance" allowed lies in the drugs active ingredient..not the quantity (or in this case weight).

  2. They're not held to the same standards pharmaceutical medications are. Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You can find multiple examples of weight fluctuations. They have a tolerance for cannabinoids and for weight

  3. I wasn't saying all the airopros are live resin I was saying all the airorpo live resins are all/pure live resin. They're not mixed with distillate like alot of brands including some of the buckeye branded

  4. should i keep smoking it if i see sum burnt or oxidize from heat?

  5. I would but it's really up to you. It might not taste as well and degraded some. But it shouldn't hurt you

  6. This is gorgeous. I'd love to get a cut of this

  7. Again to our mods here, sorry if this is taboo, but this is thee absolute perfect place to get this kind of input.

  8. I definitely support this type of stuff and don't see any reason any other mods wouldn't

  9. Just thought Id be cautious, its still (not sure why) a pretty touchy subject for a lot of people. In a world where Im still running into the old trope about LSD making people think they can fly, I try to tread lightly lol TONS of misconceptions and old uban legends still abound in this subject. Far too many.

  10. Do your thing lol. Its definitely something that can benefit way more people than most realize. Keep up the good work

  11. Standard and buckeye are the only ones who have responded back to inquiries about the methods they do use for the contaminated flower. Firelands, klutch, grow, and a few more haven't responded back about if they process that same material

  12. Ended up going with North Atlantic Seed Company, Got me some Purple Punch autos, some Blue Dream autos, and they threw in some freebies such as girl scout cookies! Invoice came same day, and already have tracking! I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond and throw out some good sources, as I will likely be trying out many different strains and genetics to come as I progress as a grower <3

  13. If you don't mind let us know how everything goes when you get your package. I'm looking to get some new seeds and was interested in possibly trying North Atlantic Seed company

  14. I've heard if you leave bud out for a long time the cbd percentage goes up. That's something to definitely remember. I have paid a lot me attention to terpines since being in the program but I only kinda know the main ones and only 2 that will help with sleep really. I wish they listed them on the menu though. Idk why they don't. That seems crazy to me. I feel like a dick asking about every strain.

  15. It does in a acidic environment so it will but not at near the amount that will degrade into cbn. Air, light, heat, etc all oxidize thc and when that happens it changes into CBN. Terp concentrations can vary sometimes even batch to batch for the same strain. I do wish they would make the lab results available we could see before buying. It just would probably be pretty difficult I'm sure

  16. I didn't know much about cbn. I'll look out for that. I guess I'll just have to look at their menu online first and plan what to get. Thanks for the information. It's been really interesting learning about all this stuff.

  17. No problem. Good luck. Hopefully you can get a few more strain recommendations. We have alot of really helpful patients on here

  18. Thats what I'm not sure about and i think is misleading in some instances. Standard and buckeye claimed they didnt do remediation on the flower but actually responded back and admitted to using the contaminated flower to process into other forms. I'm not saying trying to convince anyone its bad or not to buy the brand. I just want to make sure they understand what they mean I contacted 3 or 4 others but they either just haven't responded or I'm still communicating.

  19. Right, dude; great point! their wording doesn’t equal complete transparency or clarity; unfortunately, I think until we are fully legalized and have more requirements in place, cultivators won’t be fully upfront with us. I appreciate that you all are reaching out, asking essential questions, and doing the work to get information for all of us patients! 🌿

  20. So far no response back from Firelands. I'll give them a couple more days but the no response kind of speaks for itself. I'll let you know if I hear back from any of the other brands too. I'll probably make a post when I get a better list of who's actually doing decontamination and who's doing remediation and who's doing nothing. Only ones I know so are who scrap are Ancient Roots

  21. These companies do remediate. They just possibly don't and sell in flower form. They almost all do into oils and extract

  22. They're the only ones (so far) who can truly say they don't remedy and mean it

  23. Nah I've seen that BR and OCL and a few other companies are "clean" as far as remediation goes.

  24. Buckeye and Standard do remediation. They're just processing into oils/extract. I've not gotten a response back from OCL. They may not do any decontamination but they do remediation.

  25. I disagree. MC could be higher or lower when testing which effects these numbers. Not all mold is bad either. It’s everywhere and this is an extremely low number in ppm

  26. It doesn't change the presence of the mold or yeast though. Some patients have breathing or other health issues and medicine like this could be problematic for them.

  27. Yeah, those people shouldn’t be smoking anything though.

  28. You can have issues that regular vaping wouldn't really bother but the higher levels of mold/microbial can cause issues they normally wouldn't have to worry about. It can really bother some patients asthma, allergies, etc too.

  29. A bud tender at the dispensary last week told me that the state is restricting Delta 8 now because I specifically asked if a cartridge had Delta 8 in it.

  30. Certified, botanist, wellsprings, and I think matter/pharmacann were all at one point. I'm pretty sure they have all stopped since the State changed the rules and now require it to be included in ingredients and the testing results. I'm pretty sure matter/pharmacann still sell d8 carts though. They just count for the same as regular delta 9 now

  31. if i am correct, the way they classify delta-8 in test results, it counts for your overall cannabinoid count and it doesnt count as THC

  32. Last I heard they were considering isomers like delta 8, THCV, etc to count against the 70% THC limit. It wasn't like that early in the program but there was a rule change July 21 i think it was.

  33. I just see remediation as remediation. They're using techniques to make the material be able to be sold to patients.If they aren't straightforward about that with labeling or even emails why would they be about other methods? Especially when the same issues you run into with remedying flower can be worse with extract. Flower is only a small % of products in the program.

  34. Yeah - That is why everything in the program needs to have more information with it so that patients can make more informed choices. If a process/procedure is done to the cannabis/oil/product or if it is remediated because it failed testing or if it was pre sterilized to make sure that it would not fail testing....

  35. I agree. We should have full access to all COA's. I just don't think they should be able to claim they don't do remediation when they only possibly don't on a small % of their products. If they're actually scrapping the contaminated material or selling it I could see them making that claim

  36. Can anyone tell me if they've ate a dablicator ? I've read you can ingest basically any form of thc, distillate, extract, or whatever..haven't tryd myself..curious if uts as good as the rso?This 100% wasted so many days on edibles b4 I found rso & feco. Really wish we had $25 grams of rso an feco like other states..edibles are a complete waste of days imo..everything can be made from the rso..

  37. As long as it's decarbed (which stuff like distillate, FECO/RSO,etc should be). Alot of rosins and resins won't be fully converted or converted much at all in certain circumstances. But Firelands, ancient roots, etc from what I've seen in our program do decarb their live oil in the dablicators and syringe. But the regular rosin from them won't be decarbed or at least not fully

  38. How fresh was your clean urine? Did you refrigerate overnight then heat it up on the day or was the clean urine taken the day of the test and strapped to your leg for some hours before the test and the urine still stayed at the perfect temp just being strapped to your inner thigh?? Tysm

  39. I've probably taken 30-40 drug tests in my life for probation, jobs,etc. I've used urine that was a couple days old before but can't remember if it was a actual lab test or just dip stick. I'm pretty sure the shelf life on most the synthetic stuff is a year or so but don't quote me on that. I'll see if I can find some more info for you though.

  40. Grow Ohio are supposed to be releasing live resin luster pods anytime now from what I've heard. 100percent labs (or however they spell it) have live resin pax pods I think and Standard have live resin pax too.

  41. The infamous 420mushroom, I'm a huge fan. I scroll through seeking out your comments & read everything....twice. I follow you but not receiving notifications of your recent posts for whatever reason. Curious though, are you familiar with Ohio Cannabis Live ?

  42. Sorry man I just seen this. I'm trying to get a better routine for getting more involved in sub again. I've just had a lot going on last month or so. I'm finally moved into house but still got a lot going on. I really appreciate the mind words.

  43. So in a sense, with thc-a being the compound prior to heat that turns in to thc when that gets heated and the chemical reaction happens they’re just accounting for what’s in a sense being lost? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some high thc levels and low thca levels before? I may be mistaking. I’ve been through a lot of packages. It was just something that caught my curiosity. Much appreciation to the artical!

  44. It's basically just a formula they use to account for the loss during the decarb/conversion process. In flower its usually always raw THCA. A good cure can help convert it some. And some extracts are decarbed or partially during extraction so you do sometimes see extracts with mostly THC

  45. Sorry everyone. I'm in the final process of buying a house/moving. Its just been one issue after another lol but i guess that's life. But I'll be back to being active in next week or so

  46. From what I've seen they seem to be even recalling products with naturally appearing compounds in cannabis. It doesn't specify where they come from. They could try to apply this same rule to other products. Terpenes aren't even approved for inhalation by the FDA. They didn't even specify botanical or cannabis from what I saw

  47. From my understanding, the terpenes directly extracted from the cannabis plant would not be considered additives since they were extracted from the cultivar with the tag.

  48. From the list of ingredients I seen they recalled terps like limonene, mycrene,etc. It didnt even specify where they came from. Some of the other ingredients they included (like prenylthiol) are present in regular flower and products also. Technically they aren't approved to be inhaled either. It's possible they're only recalling products with added compounds but they could apply the same reasoning to 99% of products if they're just talking about ingredients. Cannabis and botanical Terpenes both can turn into harmful compounds when heated above a certain point. I just think it should have been more specific towards certain problems. This probably wouldn't even catch some of the other issues processors are doing like CRC

  49. You can get c02 extracted Terpenes online for 50-80$ a full ML/G. Maybe if these were mechanically separated or something I could understand the price. I've had good luck with this brand but heard clear nation were good too

  50. You 100% cannot buy Cannabis FULL SPECTRUM terpenes online. These have all cannabanoids and terpenoids. I tired em and theya re insane...

  51. You can cannabis derived terpenes though and full spectrum hemp terps which would basically be the same thing minus the THC. For the price I'd honestly prefer it to be straight terpenes because those are what are expensive. You get more bang for your buck Most are adding them to extracts, oils, etc so it wouldn't make much difference at that point.

  52. Yes you can use it as a edible,topical,etc. I make my own topicals all the time with ethanol extracts. I usually add to coconut oil,shea, etc or something like that. It's usually just a couple ingredients

  53. This is just one of many different methods they use to remedy contaminated flower. I'm sure they all use contaminated flower in one way or another. Whether that's with radiation, h202,etc or just process into oils and extract.

  54. Honestly it really depends on the patient. I have one I've only used a handful of time with flower from our program. It wouldn't really be cost effective to make bubble or sift to press and older flower doesn't turn out as well imo. I usually make BHO and sometimes ethanol extracts with older material. You don't need much equipment to make ethanol extractions really but BHO you do if you want to safely. You still want to be cautious with any solvent. If you only plan to press little batches here and there you can just use a hair straigner. It won't work quite as well as a press but you can find guides online to make pretty nice hair straightener press

  55. I've not been as active lately as I usually am. I'm in the process of moving so I've had alot going on. I should be moved in and situated in the next week or so. If anyone has any questions or concerns they can message me. I'll def do everything I can to help

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